Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy Over Other Treatments

When it comes to lung conditions and diseases, you aren’t left with many options. Many find that traditional treatments aren’t very effective and pretty much only help the symptoms. Stem cell therapy, however, can actually treat the source of the symptoms providing you with better results, easier breathing, and typically requires less time.

Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Most likely you’ve heard of stem cells before now. However, most have no idea how they actually work. Stem cells aren’t like any other cell in the body, but they can be. They are renewable cells which means they can copy the genetic materials of another cell and can multiply on their own. One of many reasons The Lung Institute is the leading provider in lung disease treatment is because they use stem cell therapy. Unlike other stem cell therapy providers, The Lung Institute uses stem cells from the patient’s own body which will not carry the risk of being rejected and lowers the cost.

How Stem Cell Therapy is Performed

According to Cedars-Sinai, the stem cells can be collected through blood or through the bone marrow. The blood venous method is the most common way since it is less painful. Bone marrow stem cell collection is sometimes necessary if the patient has considerable damage to the lungs or has a severe lung disease because it contains a higher ratio of stem cells than your bloodstream. The next step is to part the stem cells from other specimen that have me collected. After the filtration process, the concentration of stem cell will be inserted back into the bloodstream. The healing process will begin as soon as the stem cells reach the lungs and become trapped.

Who Can Receive Stem Cell Therapy?

The entire process takes about three days. It’s important to keep the expected time frame in mind for those who do not live relatively close to a treatment center. You can find treatment centers close to you here. Most patients qualify for treatment which will be determined if you’re a candidate for stem cell research by scheduling your consultation today.

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