The 18 Billion Dollar News

A Standing Ovation For George Soros

It’s best to give credit where credit is due.

When the media is going crazy over an $18 billion donation, then it’s likely because George Soros is in a charitable mood. We don’t just applaud Goerge Soros for giving the Open Society Foundation more than we’ll ever see ourselves.

The standing ovation we have is for the complete life of George Soros. This financial expert got a jumpstart on success in the most unlikely places. World War II brought a climate to humanity that wasn’t experienced before. The stresses of Nazi occupation and its ideology placed George’s family in bondage.

The only escape was further into Europe where the United Kingdom had open borders. The standing ovation of George Soros’ life comes from a simple fact. The investor became a billionaire in the eyes of the public but never forgot about where he came from.

Being a refugee taught George Soros about what it meant to be a part of the world identity. We see a similar factor in play when Mr. Soros donates and aides in the building of our most effective nonprofits.

Let His Achievements Tell The Story

We don’t want to be the sole bearer of this news.

History teaches us that money is connected to numerous aspects of society and world governments. It’s no surprise that we learn this lesson from George Soros. As a renowned investor, George is known for “breaking the bank of England.” What he made himself was a billionaire.

The world was also watching. There’s no doubt about the substantiation in the Soros name. Giants exist in every generation, and here, we see a giant in the financial world. It took George’s insight to change society indefinitely. That indefinite change occurred the British economy.

The value of the pound plummeted, and the only one with the timing to profit was George Soros. It’s true, he made billions in the process.

How It All Came From Nothing

The value in paper currencies comes from the worth of the nation’s issuing fiat to the public. Knowing this intricate science gives us a glimpse into the understanding George Soros has. Few people can put themselves in this man’s shoes without first knowing about his skill and trade.

Like children obsessed with collecting foreign currencies, George mastered the money market by literarily trading the fiat of the world’s nations. and more information click here

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