A Glance In The Future With Jason Hope

As the world progresses in areas of technology, one can expect to see changes in all the industries. Over the past decade, communications have been reinvented with the use of e-mail, organization has been modernized with e-planners and reminders, and businesses have found dozens of ways to use internet to better themselves.

A person that knows this all too well is a successful investor from Arizona, Jason Hope. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Later on, he got his MBA from the same university, by attending the W.P. Carey School of Business. In words of Hope himself, upon graduations he got into the mobile technology communications because it reaches a lot of people and had room for growth. The vision that he had for improving this industry helped him become profitable almost immediately.

Nowadays, Jason Hope works to help other businesses as a fierce investor. His portfolio is where he gets majority of his income from. He gave up direct control and works through passive projects such as investments from small start-up companies that operate in his area. One of the latest innovation that he has been advocating for is the “Internet of Things”.

By applying internet communications to everything that surrounds people, Hope believes to be able to reduce poverty, inequality, and increase wages. The idea is to have every-day appliances such as lamps, refrigerators, ovens, and many more, connected to the Internet. This will enable all of the appliances to communicate among each-other, as well as to communicate with the user. For example, one could have their treadmill connected with freezer, and every time a person grabs a midnight ice-cream snack the treadmill would tell them how much they have to run to burn those calories.

Since the communications is the essential aspect of this idea, there is room for increasing people’s wages. If a worker could have a device that accurately tracks how much work they have done, they could get paid more. In the long run, Hope’s idea seems very possible and it has already created buzz in the world of businessman and women.

Other than business, Jason Hope is a big philanthropist. One of his personal endeavors included donating half-a-million of dollars to SENS Research Foundation. His hefty donation helped start some projects that work to prevent aging and innovate medicine. Presently, Hope is excited about further working with SENS and helping them accomplish their research.

Jason Hope has found a way to utilize his business skills to better the world. The revolutionizing vision of this entrepreneur helps take communication industry to the next level. His projects also work to aid under-developed areas, and provide an equal opportunity to every person!