Jason Hope Technology Commentator and Futurist Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Hope is one of the most famous technology enthusiasts and commentators in the United States. He has helped many entrepreneurs in starting firms and turning their dreams into a reality. Jason Hope keeps a close watch on the latest technological trends and provides his insight on what the future of technology holds. He has completed graduation in finance from the Arizona State University and went on to do Masters in Business Administration from WP Carey School of Business, which is affiliated with the Arizona State University as well. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is also known to be interested in politics, primarily due to his business network in the State of Arizona as well as across the country.

Jason Hope has invested in many technology companies, especially the corporations developing the mobile technology. Jason Hope says that even though people believe that the mobile technology has reached saturation and breaking point, it is not the case. He thinks that there is a tremendous scope for growth, innovation, and improvement in the world of mobile technology. One other technology that has Jason Hope excited is the Internet of Things technology, which is about connecting different devices through the shared network and helping them communicate freely. He believes that such technology would take over the existing technologies in use today. Jason Hope thinks that the Internet of Things technology would find use in many different industries and make it easier to improve performance and productivity.

Jason Hope gives an example of the traffic and transport department where the Internet of Things technology would enable the people to check the traffic situation live and help them make traveling decisions. It would encourage the use of public transport, and discourage people from using their vehicles. In a way, it would help in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment while easing the traffic congestion. Jason Hope is also known to be a futurist and believes that aging is a myth and is a process that can be reversed through clinical and molecular research, which is why he funds SENS Research Foundation. It’s a foundation that researches anti-aging and finding a way to prolong the lives of the human being. Jason Hope is also a well-known philanthropist and passionately gives back to the society in whichever way he can. He is associated with many charities that he provides funds to regularly.

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