The sneak peak into the Life of Shiraz Bongani

Shiraz Boghani, who is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, was able to receive an award in the Asian Business Awards 2016. The award was due to his for his excellent work in Hospitality Business. Currently, he is a manager in about 19 Hotels in the United Kingdom. Mr. Shiraz Boghani dealt with several departments in different capacities as a vibrant entrepreneur. Mr. Boghani was one of the founders of the Limited Facility branded Hotels in London. His latest project located in London specifically in London’s Vibrant Bankside and other Hotels which included New Ellington in Leeds among others. Shiraz Boghani is also a chief sponsor of the Aga Khan Improvement Network Internationally.

Upon receiving the Award, Mr. Shiraz Boghani highly appreciated and said that his success was not only contributed to by his efforts but also his Family. The executive and the management teams who worked together with him even contributed towards his success.

The Splendid Hospitality Group became one of the fast growing Personal Hotel groups under the excellent leadership of Shiraz Boghani. His outstanding performance and significant achievements are due to his exceptional hard work which he showed and his inspirational devotion. The Chief Executive Officer went on to say that the group was growing from one step to another and nobody else deserved the award except Shiraz Boghani.

Initially, Shiraz Boghani came from Kenya and went to the United Kingdom whereby he was able to start his training as an accountant in a small firm of Chartered Accountants. Sometime later he was ready to move to Thompson McClintock. Due to his high passion for business, he was able to identify significant investment opportunities. It is this ability to recognize investment opportunities that he was able to found Joint Partner of Sussex Health Care which in the year 1985 and has dramatically developed such that it has 18 care homes with a lot of beds.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a great man who has used his resources in helping the poor and donating to many charitable organizations and voluntary services. He not only gives resources but also spends his quality time in the optional services. Shiraz was able to provide the development strategies of the vision and always had a clear and useful idea about the growth of the organization. Due to his high concern about his Ismaili community he was able to hold some senior positions hence ensuring excellent service in the city.

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