The World Leading Brazilian Entrepreneur; Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama has been recognised as the world’s top leaders in professional entrepreneurship. Being the first Brazilian to lead a global network of agencies, he has achieved a record of awards mainly as the top recognized leading entrepreneur. Gama was the Founder, CEO and CCO of NEOGAMA in 1999. He eventually left the BBH Network in 2016 that previously formed a partnership in 2002 to solely focus the agency in Brazil.

Gama’s work has been recognised among his competitors. In 2006, he was elected “Agency Director of the Year” by the Propaganda Professionals Association (APP) at the 10th Professional Contribution Award. In addition, Gama has also won the Caboré Award as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry”. Gama has been continuously striving for a higher achievement, leading him to a more elegant form of success. During his young adult years, Gama’s advertising career began in 1982 as a creative and copyrighter. He received plenty of praises and was the most awarded copywriter of his generation in Brazil. His first success lead to him to more opportunites, now invited to be a member of the Global Creative Board, a committee responsible in creating innovation and creative strategy.