Changing Philanthropy, Adam Milstein

One of the most turbulent regions of our planet is the regions of Israel. Throughout time there have been many numerous individuals who have stood up and brought a spotlight into play on the events transpiring, raising awareness and trying to better the situation. One of these individuals is Adam Milstein.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein has had a firsthand look at the tumultuous goings on in his homeland. His mother and father both immigrated to Israel from different countries and eventually moved to Kiryat Motzkin where Adam spent his early years. His father fought in Israel’s Independence war as a combat sailor.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Adam joined the IDF to complete his mandatory service as required by Israeli citizens. He served through 1973 and fought in the Yom Kippur War. After his military time was at an end, Adam Milstein then went on to enroll in the Technion where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics in 1978.

After completing his education at the Technion, Adam proceeded to work closely with his father to expand their growing real estate construction and development business. In 1974 Adam married Gila Elgrably in Haifa, Israel. They enjoyed several years together there before moving to the United States in 1981. Adam immediately began attending university in America and in 1983 he received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California.

In the year 2000 Adam and his wife, Gila, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization that sponsors the education of students and young professionals and helps them to identify with their Jewish roots.

Igniting their Jewish pride and connection with the State of Israel as well as arming them with the knowledge and facts to help advocate for the State of Israel. Adam is also the Co-founder of the Israeli-American Council which is the fastest growing Jewish organization in America today.

Adam is revolutionizing philanthropy by using a very hands-on approach. Linking like-minded and similarly goal oriented organizations together to increase their impact. The focus for the Milstein Family Foundation is to make meaningful “life path impacts” by seeking out specifically the organizations that can benefit the most from his philanthropic networking.

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