Saving Your Reputation With Domain Names

One of the disadvantages of the internet is people can hijack your name, personal or business, and smear you without repercussions. There are ways to fight back and Chris Silver Smith of wrote an excellent article about ten things yo can do to build and save your reputation online. I highly recommend you consider each of these tips, they could make the difference when it comes to the online perception of you or your company.

  1. The most powerful action is to buy your name registered under the “.com” domain. If that’s not possible, then alter your name with dashes or extra letters and purchase that .com domain.
  1. If is taken, then purchase it with one of the other major domain extensions, like
  1. Purchase, this is an extension from the country of Montenegro but it’s available worldwide.
  1. See if you can register your name with a geographic domain. Something like yourname.yourcity or .yourstate. This works best in larger geographic areas.
  1. If your name is already registered, try and combine a subdomain with a domain name. So your URL would look like,
  1. Try to include a keyword within your URL. For instance, a doctor could use a name with .doctor or .physician in the address.
  1. You can also make a deliberate misspelling of a word in your name. So, if is taken, try
  1. Consider purchasing a .tel domain. This is administered by Telnic as a marketing tool. It’s an internet directory service, so your contact information and a biography are part of the domain name.
  1. It is possible to split your name with a domain hack. For instance, if is taken, you could purchase instead.

10.  If you are the CEO of a company, or want to be known as one, consider purchasing a .CEO domain. These domains are expensive, starting at $99, but they do add a sense of exclusivity to your name.


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