Sanjay Shah: Founder Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah’s parents moved to London before he was born. They had emigrated from Kenya and were starting a new life and wanted to provide lots of opportunities for their family. Sanjay Shah took advantage of these opportunities and got an excellent education in accounting from King’s College.

Shah then went on to a successful string of jobs in the financial world for over a decade. He worked for institutions like KPMG, ING, Credit Suisse, Rabobank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in various capacities. However, in 2009, when the recession hit, Shah was among the countless individuals who were let go due to redundancy. Shah knew he did not have a desire for another job. He was tired of the long commute from his house to his office. He also wanted to be able to have some control over how and where he spent his time. Due to this, Shah decided to start his own investment firm, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah incorporated Solo Capital in 2011 with himself and a handful of other traders and graduates. It took off and has grown to have a staff of over 100 employees, with 35 traders. The firm 30 million dollars in cash flow, 67 million dollars in assets and is worth 15 million dollars. Its headquarters are in London and it is regulated by the United Kingdom. There is now an office in Dubai, where Shah and his family reside.

The firm offers services and products in the proprietary trading, boutique investment and consulting areas. Within each of these areas, the firm specializes further. Under consulting, the firm offers performance, investment and human capital. Under proprietary trading, the firm offers FX, commodities and derivatives. Under investment, the firm offers talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation and asset and performance management in the professional sports arena.

Due to the firm’s significant success, Shah has stepped back from his role. He is still the Chief Executive Officer but he no longer oversees the firm all day every day. Instead, Shah is getting to pursue some of his passions.

Shah has always enjoy the music industry, ever since he was DJing in clubs around London during his college days. Shah took this passion and turned it into both a way to make money and a way to raise money for charity. To make money, Shah partnered with Done Events and organizes an annual jazz festival. In the charity realm, Shah decided to establish his own charity. The charity concentrates on raising money for autism research. It does this by hosting private concerts with a small audience. At the first concert hosted, they raised over 200,000 dollars.

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