Rocketship Education Serving Students from Underprivileged Families in the Community

Rocketship education is a non-profit group of elementary schools that serves low-income students within the nearby neighbourhoods. The Rocketship Education network believes that transformative schools not only educates the students but also teaches, empowers, and engages parents and the community. Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 in the Bay area. Since its foundation, Rocketship Education has grown to serve eighteen schools in three regions. The school is proud to serve the diverse community in the Bay area, Washington DC, Milwaukee, and Nashville.

Rocketship Education believes that all children should have an opportunity to go to an excellent school and continues to work towards achieving the same for all families specifically those of poor financial background. The core values of Rocketship education are persistence, respect, and responsibility.

The charter of schools builds on these core values to ensure that the children grow up in a society which has a desire to exceed expectations. There is a fifth core value for each school that is chosen by teachers and parents which best demonstrates the unique vision of the school. The core values are integrated with the mission of the schools to prepare the students to perform well in class by equipping them with good character skills.

Many of the students at Rocketship Education are from poor families and are more likely to be exposed to toxic stress than other children in the upper and middle social class. Stress makes it difficult for children to manage and respond well to provocations and conflict. Consequently, Rocketship Education is keen on creating a consistent and positive experience for the children at school to help them develop social-emotional skills that will help them to succeed not only in classroom but in the society at large.

For the lower grades, the charter of schools uses the Kimochis curriculum that is centred on five characters with unique personalities and temperaments. It is meant to give the students depersonalized opportunities to practice the skills taught to them to identify their emotions, establish positive relationships, care for each other, and handle the challenges they face in life. The students relate to these characters in consideration of their own strength and development.

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