Some Roads Are Paved With Gold

The Road To Financial Management And Advice

Financial discipline is a challenge for everyone. You’re not alone.

Our brains have the ability to lead us in one financial task and then lead us to forget about it entirely. Had we been superhuman or “above average,” we’d likely have a natural defense against our bad spending habits.

Let’s face it.

The road to financial management is achieved with sacrifice. The problem, this sacrifice can kill us. Financial success requires professionals like Madison Street Capital. To better understand your financial situation is to help you improve it.

Without the insight of professionals in the financial world, we are truly lost. Settling for a good job isn’t enough.

Opening a checkings account may lead you to lose more than you started with. The mediator to your financial success is with a professional who sees beyond your financial hurdles.

Consider What True Professionals Bring To The Table

It’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of professionals in the world of finance. The reason is because of the influence money has. No one knows better than Madison Street Capital that money can lead us to great success but can also be the greatest downfall of our lives. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

It’s best to assume you know nothing about how to make money or protect it. Opening your ears to the words of true professionals is your first step. Take the Madison Street Capital reputation as a clear example. The Madison Street agency excels because it seeks to gather the right information first.

All other steps are meaningless if you don’t know what’s happening, and the MSC agency is dedicated to fully analyzing your financial situation. Doing so enables the agency to then devise strategies that other investors fail to see.

The next step is tremendous success.

It all comes from first knowing the important details and then devising a strategy to reap millions with it. This is the reputation of Madison Street Capital. It can be your reputation also when partnering with the agency. Madison staff-members are welcoming and understand the financial world.

Your finances are in better hands and will be guided by the advice of one great agency.

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Madison Street Capital’s Impressive Path to Top-Notch Reputation

IDLife: The Next Iteration of individualized nutrition

With approximately 3/4 of adults in America being obese in America it seems the next generation is learning from their elder’s mistakes and striving to live a more health-conscious lifestyle.

They are eating a more plant-based diet, avoiding sugary drinks, and exercising. They are staying away from white bread, sugar, and genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

They are engaging in more physical activities and events like walking, exercising, sponsored runs, and work out competitions.

Health Or Wealth

There are endless companies flooding the market with health supplements, vitamins, and wellness aids. With so many options to choose from how do we know who to go with? It’s an unfortunate fact that there are a lot of snake oil salespeople in the health industry who don’t care about your health they only care about the billions of dollars in revenue generated each year by this massive industry.

Cost Of Being Overweight In America:
*Limited movement can impact your daily life with your family and loved ones
*Not as efficient in the workplace
*Heart disease

The Health Industry In America

The industry dedicated to health and the soundness of the human body has always been one with a lot of eyeballs on it because everyone wants to their body to be functioning at its peak performance.

They’ve experimented and presented us with cod liver oil, Ginko Biloba, and other products that we loved as well as some that didn’t deliver as promised. The problem with a lot of these companies is that there approach is wrong.

You can’t give everyone the same dosage of vitamins or medicine because we’re all built differently without own individual needs. How do we address this concern effectively?

Enter IDLife: The Next Iteration of individualized nutrition
IDLife realizes that embedded in the genetics of every man, woman, and child is a rare one of a kind person.

This company is a health and fitness brand that delivers specialized nutritional supplements, especially for each client. It’s not about a quick diet it’s about a lifestyle change to improve your health. Remember that only you can save yourself.

The IDLife Product Line:
IDLife Skin Care
IDLife Kids
IDLife EnergyShot
IDLife Sleep
IDLife Appetite Control
IDLife Shake
ID Nutrition

Regardless of your health and wellness needs, IDLife will develop the right mixture of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to assist you in developing the best version of yourself.

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Rocketship Education Serving Students from Underprivileged Families in the Community

Rocketship education is a non-profit group of elementary schools that serves low-income students within the nearby neighbourhoods. The Rocketship Education network believes that transformative schools not only educates the students but also teaches, empowers, and engages parents and the community. Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 in the Bay area. Since its foundation, Rocketship Education has grown to serve eighteen schools in three regions. The school is proud to serve the diverse community in the Bay area, Washington DC, Milwaukee, and Nashville.

Rocketship Education believes that all children should have an opportunity to go to an excellent school and continues to work towards achieving the same for all families specifically those of poor financial background. The core values of Rocketship education are persistence, respect, and responsibility.

The charter of schools builds on these core values to ensure that the children grow up in a society which has a desire to exceed expectations. There is a fifth core value for each school that is chosen by teachers and parents which best demonstrates the unique vision of the school. The core values are integrated with the mission of the schools to prepare the students to perform well in class by equipping them with good character skills.

Many of the students at Rocketship Education are from poor families and are more likely to be exposed to toxic stress than other children in the upper and middle social class. Stress makes it difficult for children to manage and respond well to provocations and conflict. Consequently, Rocketship Education is keen on creating a consistent and positive experience for the children at school to help them develop social-emotional skills that will help them to succeed not only in classroom but in the society at large.

For the lower grades, the charter of schools uses the Kimochis curriculum that is centred on five characters with unique personalities and temperaments. It is meant to give the students depersonalized opportunities to practice the skills taught to them to identify their emotions, establish positive relationships, care for each other, and handle the challenges they face in life. The students relate to these characters in consideration of their own strength and development.

Sentient AI Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience Significantly Using Next Generation AI Technology

The world of e-commerce retailing has been expanding at a massive pace, and many companies have joined the rat race to grab the significant market share of this multi-billion dollar industry. Majority of the customers are shopping online or are at least buying most of their essentials, whether it is groceries or fashion or just about anything else, online. The companies understand that the focus should be not only in delivering good products, but also an enhanced shopping interface and experience. It is what would help the customers feel loyal towards an e-commerce site and make them repeat customers.

The e-commerce companies are using advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance the customer experience by providing them the list of relevant products to look from when browsing through the e-commerce site. As the website of the e-commerce company is their online shop, it is essential that browsing through the store should be made more interactive as well as personalized. And, it is precisely what the artificial intelligence helps in achieving because it takes into the account the browsing and purchasing history of the user and processes large sets of data to conclude what the customers might want to buy or not. Artificial intelligence does taste profiling of the customers as per their past orders and as per the products they have viewed. It helps in determining the styles and the products that the customers might be interested in.

When you visit any of the e-commerce sites these days, it shows you recommended products that are the kinds you would want to buy. The site manages to grasp such information with the use of artificial intelligence. The e-commerce companies understand that e-commerce customer experience needs to be enhanced and polished to ensure that customers do not get swayed away by the competition. Artificial intelligence also helps in increasing the e-commerce customer experience by reminding them of buying products timely, which is applicable for replenish able products like food, drinks, skin care, and personal care products.

Sentient AI is one of the leading technology companies in the world today that helps the companies take their e-commerce technology to another level with the use of their AI technology and products. Sentient AI has some futuristic AI-based products that help with improving the customer experience at the site while also aiding with improving the efficiency of the site for seamless functioning. The company believes that artificial intelligence technology is paving the way for futuristic e-commerce technology for better consumer experience. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

Todd Lubar’s Take on Baltimore Expansion

While Baltimore, often referred to as the Charm City, is losing people in terms of population as a whole, young professionals seem to be consistently flocking to the city, and studies show, this will continue to be the trend for the foreseeable future. The rebound of the economy of Baltimore will be a direct result of the rate for which this upward trend amongst the new generation continues to climb. A reason for the influx of young professionals in Baltimore seems to be the agreeable cost of living in comparison to Washington D.C. As a result of the increase of young professionals in the city, the need for apartments has also continued to rise, and as a result, there has been an influx of real estate developers who are looking to refurbish older properties. This influx has created a wide array of condominium and apartment options for the residents of Baltimore. One example of the revitalization movement that is taking place in Baltimore, is the gym and training center that Under Armour recently created on the bottom floor of the building at 10 Light St.  Check out Inspirery to know more.

As of late, Baltimore has been placing significant emphasis on creating a more efficient transportation system that will allow for those who work downtown. With the added attention the city is placing on rebuilding the transit system as well as the overall infrastructure of Baltimore, projections are showing that the metropolitan area will expand at a considerably higher rate than it is in its current state. Suburbanites will be a major key to this growth, as parking expenses for commuters will essentially be diminished. Cost of living is also a major factor but is not expected to increase substantially, as the city looks to create greater community involvement amongst young professionals by creating easy access to high-quality restaurants, as well as luxury shopping centers.

For nearly two decades, Todd Lubar has been actively involved in the real estate market in and around Baltimore, having a decorated background in finance and credit. Today, Mr. Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures but also heads several companies, including a demolition company. Follow his Twitter page

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Jason Hope Technology Commentator and Futurist Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Hope is one of the most famous technology enthusiasts and commentators in the United States. He has helped many entrepreneurs in starting firms and turning their dreams into a reality. Jason Hope keeps a close watch on the latest technological trends and provides his insight on what the future of technology holds. He has completed graduation in finance from the Arizona State University and went on to do Masters in Business Administration from WP Carey School of Business, which is affiliated with the Arizona State University as well. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is also known to be interested in politics, primarily due to his business network in the State of Arizona as well as across the country.

Jason Hope has invested in many technology companies, especially the corporations developing the mobile technology. Jason Hope says that even though people believe that the mobile technology has reached saturation and breaking point, it is not the case. He thinks that there is a tremendous scope for growth, innovation, and improvement in the world of mobile technology. One other technology that has Jason Hope excited is the Internet of Things technology, which is about connecting different devices through the shared network and helping them communicate freely. He believes that such technology would take over the existing technologies in use today. Jason Hope thinks that the Internet of Things technology would find use in many different industries and make it easier to improve performance and productivity.

Jason Hope gives an example of the traffic and transport department where the Internet of Things technology would enable the people to check the traffic situation live and help them make traveling decisions. It would encourage the use of public transport, and discourage people from using their vehicles. In a way, it would help in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment while easing the traffic congestion. Jason Hope is also known to be a futurist and believes that aging is a myth and is a process that can be reversed through clinical and molecular research, which is why he funds SENS Research Foundation. It’s a foundation that researches anti-aging and finding a way to prolong the lives of the human being. Jason Hope is also a well-known philanthropist and passionately gives back to the society in whichever way he can. He is associated with many charities that he provides funds to regularly.

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End Citizens United Moves Ahead On Its Chosen Path

End Citizens United is a political action committee. It wants to campaign finance reform. In order to do so, it will be funneling millions of dollars to the Democratic candidates who are running in competitive Senate races all across the country.

End Citizens United has already managed to raise over $4 million. This has mainly come from small donors. It is going to raise $25 million to $30 million.

All these efforts are being made to make the Congress pass the constitutional amendment that will be able to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United. That was made in 2010 and led to super PACs and a lot of dark money entering into politics.

End Citizens United has managed to collect 325,000 signs on its petition that is demanding that Congress must pass such legislation. It even partnered with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign in order to enhance its impact and reach.

Now, 11 Democratic candidates are going to be endorsed by End Citizens United. This is not the only PAC that is focusing on campaign finance reform. But End Citizens United is different as it is addressing its political side. They are trying to get those people elected who can change these existing laws. Hence End Citizens United is backing those candidates who would favor campaign finance reform. They would be able to take a stand against Citizens United.


End Citizens United will be enacting campaign finance reforms even on the local as well as state level. The campaign finance experts are a bit skeptical about it. This is because a constitutional amendment has to get consent from two-thirds of the Senate. It needs to get ratified by as much as three-fourths of states too.

Hence a constitutional amendment is definitely not easy here. Also, since 1992, no Constitutional amendment has been passed in America. Rick Hasen is an expert in campaign finance regulation. He says that even if the group is able to raise $100 million, the chances to get a constitutional amendment will still be a dream. The only way to get the law changed is by getting a new Supreme Court justice who would be able to shift the balance of this court.

Still, groups such as End Citizens United are helpful as they create public awareness of this decision by the Supreme Court. It keeps on the political pressure on the Supreme Court and on the other political actors too so that things do not get worse.

End Citizens United is not backing Republicans as they are standing in the way of overturning this decision by the Supreme Court. Hence this PAC is going to support those candidates who will champion for campaign finance reform.

Jim Larkin was a Mover and Shaker in the Labor Union Industry

James Larkin was a labor organizer. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 and died in 1947 in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up poor and worked a variety of jobs to help his family. Larkin took on the Liverpool docks as a foreman.

He thought workers were not treated fairly. He joined NUDL (National Union of Dock Laborers) and in 1905 he turned his attention to being a union organizer full time. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

His strike methods were considered militant and the union became very alarming for the group. In 1907 he was transferred to Dublin, Ireland and he founded the ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers Union). The purpose of the group was to combine both skilled and unskilled industrial works into one organization.

Jim Larkin later formed the Irish Labor Party and was responsible for leading a series of strikes to bring about better fair employment practices. In 1913, Larkin led the Dublin Lockout where more than 100,000 workers went on strike for eight months and won the right to fair employment practices.

During World War One, Larkin traveled to the United States to raise funds to fight the British. He also led anti-war demonstrations in Dublin. In 1920, while in the United States, Larkin was convicted of communism and criminal activity.

He was eventually pardoned and was back in Ireland on a deportation order. In 1924, he organized the Workers Union of Ireland and was recognized by the International. Organization of Communism.

Most Irish labor unions seemed to be British based and Irish workers felt the unions did not serve the best interest of the Irish workers. Jim Larkin felt unions should be International and he formed the ITGWU.

The idea behind the venture was to create one union for all workers. The Great Labor Unrest occurred and the ITGWU was brought into the mix and the union grew from 5,000 to more than 15,000 members. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

The Irish Trades Union Congress was established and Larkin became more popular than ever. The charm of the group was short lived as the group became dependent on the casual workers such as the employment sector of the Dublin trams. The tramway boss was not a fan of Larkin and the influence he had on the workers and worked to purge Larkin and the group from the transportation system.

Larkin eventually tired of the union business and decided to become a worldwide public speaker.

Changing Philanthropy, Adam Milstein

One of the most turbulent regions of our planet is the regions of Israel. Throughout time there have been many numerous individuals who have stood up and brought a spotlight into play on the events transpiring, raising awareness and trying to better the situation. One of these individuals is Adam Milstein.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein has had a firsthand look at the tumultuous goings on in his homeland. His mother and father both immigrated to Israel from different countries and eventually moved to Kiryat Motzkin where Adam spent his early years. His father fought in Israel’s Independence war as a combat sailor.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Adam joined the IDF to complete his mandatory service as required by Israeli citizens. He served through 1973 and fought in the Yom Kippur War. After his military time was at an end, Adam Milstein then went on to enroll in the Technion where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics in 1978.

After completing his education at the Technion, Adam proceeded to work closely with his father to expand their growing real estate construction and development business. In 1974 Adam married Gila Elgrably in Haifa, Israel. They enjoyed several years together there before moving to the United States in 1981. Adam immediately began attending university in America and in 1983 he received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California.

In the year 2000 Adam and his wife, Gila, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization that sponsors the education of students and young professionals and helps them to identify with their Jewish roots.

Igniting their Jewish pride and connection with the State of Israel as well as arming them with the knowledge and facts to help advocate for the State of Israel. Adam is also the Co-founder of the Israeli-American Council which is the fastest growing Jewish organization in America today.

Adam is revolutionizing philanthropy by using a very hands-on approach. Linking like-minded and similarly goal oriented organizations together to increase their impact. The focus for the Milstein Family Foundation is to make meaningful “life path impacts” by seeking out specifically the organizations that can benefit the most from his philanthropic networking.

Adam Milstein’s Facebook Page:

Larkin & Lacey

Women have seen some tough days in the United States. The prevailing perspective was that women should be kept at home to raise children. It was considered to be the most ethical thing for a woman to stay home, give birth to children, raise children and not work.

Anything that deviated from that standard was either met with scorn and less respect, or pity from the idea that something was wrong in the woman’s life. There was a glass ceiling of social stigmas that kept women from attaining apprenticeships, entering many industries and being educated. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

There were times when the bread-winning husbands of women in the lower socioeconomic classes died, plunging those women and their many children into debt and poverty. Of course, situations still happen like that now at days.

Just because women go to college and pursue careers, that doesn’t mean that nobody is poor, or that nobody financially relies on anybody else. However, back in the day, if women were allowed to attain education and have more careers open to them, perhaps some women who circumstantially ended up impoverished and desperate could have kept their heads above water in a dignified fashion.

Ever since colonial times, there were women who engaged in prostitution because there were so few avenues to go down to make money. Before a cure for syphilis was discovered, people would die of syphilis, as well as other diseases. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Syphilis was common among prostitutes, and contributed to the fact that an enormous percentage of prostitutes in New York City had roughly an average lifespan of four more years if they kept prostituting themselves. Syphilis was a new world disease that had originated in Hispaniola and made its way to Europe shortly after Columbus’s ocean trek.

Because of women’s tough days in America and in the world, organizations like Femen, the National Organization for women and the Lower East Side Girls Club have done great things to advocate for women’s rights. They have also encouraged members to develop their minds and bodies in order to further empower themselves.

Another organization that encourages people to develop their minds and bodies is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund commits to this goal by funding a selection of diverse organizations that focus on different parts of immigrant and Hispanic experiences. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two mindful prodigies, gave rise to the fund in the early 2010s.