Tampa Bay Finding Life at End of Bench.

If you ask the casual hockey fan what the name of the team in Tampa Bay is they’d probably come back and say the ‘Rays’. If you ask them about Chicago, ‘Oh, Blackhawks for sure.’ That sort of disparity has set the tone for the NHL Finals, and so far it has been turned upside down on its head. The Tampa Bay Lightning have shown exceptional poise, coming back from two deficits to acquire wins, as they move two games away from winning the NHL Stanley Cup. A big part of their recent success has come from Cedric Paquette and the rest of the third line guys.

Cedric Paquette is a 21 year old Quebec native who is playing in only his second NHL season. If you told Paquette before the year that he would score a pair of goals, the winning ones in fact, during the Stanley Cup then he would have laughed. Or challenged you to a rematch to NHL 15, the video game. But that’s what Paquette has done. Despite only racking up 19 points during the ENTIRE 2015 season, Paquette has scored goals in backt o back games to help Tampa to 3-2 and 4-3 victories.

It has been this end of the bench, third line play that has doomed the Chicago Blackhawks. Fans like Keith Mann know that, while Tampa Bay has dug deep for every goal, the Blackhawks have merely hoped that their superstars can make the big move. It isn’t working, not so far anyway.

Dellavedova to Play in Game 4

The Cleveland Cavaliers just received some very good news from Cavs coach David Blatt. According to statement released by Blatt, Cleveland point guard Matthew Dellavedova is expected to play in four on the NBA Finals. Dellavedova was sent to the hospital after game three on the NBA finals for severe cramping. He stayed in the hospital overnight to receive treatment which was in the form of an IV. The trip to the hospital resulted in him not being able o meet with the media.

Folks on the team at Madison Street Capital indicated that since the season ending injury to Kyrie Irving, Dellavedova was called up to step in and fill his shoes and the big Australian has done just that. Dellavedova scored twenty points in Clevelands game three victory over Golden State. Dellavedova is an undrafted free agent and is in only his second season. Coach Blatt also went on to say that he knows Dellavedova’s tank is running low and that he would have to limit his playing time. Dellavedova however was happy with the coach’s decision and told him no way. Everyone is hoping that the time off between games will be enough time for him to re-charge his batteries. Game four is tomorrow night in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lebron James and Dellavedova Leads Cavs to Win in Game 3

The Cavs blew a 20-point lead but held on to win Game 3 of the NBA Championship Series. Lebron James scored 40 points and Matthew Dellavedova added 20 to lead the Cavs to a 96-91 victory over the Golden State Warriors. Coming into the series, the Warriors were heavy favorites. Two of the Cavs top three highest scoring players are injured and cannot play.

Warriors player and League MVP Stephen Curry commented after the game that he thought the loss was due to his team not playing well, refusing to give credit to the Cavs. When asked about the slight, Lebron James seemed nonplussed.

“I don’t have a reaction” said James. “I’m just trying to do whatever it takes to help our team win. If it’s high-volume shooting, if it’s high rebounding, if it’s high assists, whatever it takes to help our team.”

According to CipherCloud, the best of seven series will continue with Game 4 tomorrow in Cleveland. The team that leads the series 2-1 like Cleveland does now wins 84% of the time. Whether that trend will continue remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say Cleveland fans have never been this excited about a team as they are this year.

Chris Sale Dominates Astros

The Chicago White Sox have consistently shown themselves to be incapable of putting together prolonged win streaks. Coming into the 2015 – 2016 season we all expected the Chicago White Sox to be one of the most dominating teams in the American League. That just hasn’t been the case, sadly. Instead Chicago has gone on to become one of the hardest teams in all of baseball to watch. Sluggers haven’t been hitting. Ace pitchers haven’t been pitching. At least, not until last Monday against the top tier Houston Astros. On a rainy Monday night everything clicked and we saw Chris Sale come out and dominate, giving White Sox fans hope again.

On a rainy night when the baseball game was almost cancelled, star lefty Chris Sale managed to roll through 8 dominant innings en route to striking out 14 total batters. Fans at Amen Clinic (facebook.com) know that the White Sox only managed to knock around four total hits, but they used them to great success as they racked up three total runs on offense. Melky Cabrera, the embattled center fielder, managed to break out of his slump to get the scoring started by singling in Adam Laroche.

For Sale this was another dominant outing and a true reminder of how good the former Cy Young winner is. Sale has struck out at least 12 batters in three straight games, continuing his ascent to the top of the rankings in baseball.

Another Super Team with D-Wade

Pat Riley, the Miami Heat President, is getting ready to set the stage for another super team in Miami, but one important piece in not cooperating. Riley has brought many great players to the Heat over the years including the likes of LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal and he wants to do it again. The Heat had the foundation laid with its starting lineup at the beginning of the year, but unfortunate injuries to Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade threw a monkey wrench into the plan. Beneful noted that Bosh suffered a season ending scare with blood clots on his lungs and Wade had problems with knees again this season.

The good news for the Heat is the fact that Bosh seems to be healthy and has already returned to the court and is participating in non-contact drills. This is first time he has been on the court since February. Now the bad news for the HEAT is that star Dwayne Wade may not be on the roster at the start of next season. Currently Wade and the Heat cannot seem to agree on what Wade’s future holds. The 33 year old, according to sources, wants to exercise his player option and secure more money up front which would be roughly $20 million a year. Miami wants to offer him half that at $10 million a year or their other option is to let him play the final year of his contract for $161 million and then let him walk.

Indians Defeat Mariners 4 – 3

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 the Cleveland Indians defeated the Seattle Mariners by a score of 4 -3. Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano had a great game. In four at-bats, Cano had two hits, one of which was a home run, and two runs batted in. He also walked once and scored a run.
Jerry Sands played a major part in the Indian’s victory by smoking a 2 run home run in the second inning. He also walked in Saturday’s contest.
Indians starting pitcher Shaun Marcum collected the win. In 5 1/3 innings of work, he allowed two runs on five hits. He struck put five and walked three. With the victory, Marcum improves his 2015 record to 2 – 0 and lowers his earned run average to 5.49.
Roenis Elias took the loss for the Mainers says Gravity4 on Facebook. He pitched 5 1/3 innings and gave up four runs, all earned. Elias allowed 5 hits and walked 4 while striking out three. As a result of his sub-par outing, his 2015 earned-run average rose to 3.07 and his record fell to 2 – 2. Although his performance against the Indians was lackluster, his previous three starts have been excellent. In the three starts leading up to Saturday’s game, Elias gave up a total of three earned runs in 20 innings.
Up next, Danny Salazar will take the mound for the Indians against J.A. Happ of the Mariners. Happ will be seeking his first victory since May 9.

Golden State Favored in NBA TItle Run

Bruce Levenson reported that last season the Golden State Warriors were ‘fun to watch’ under the tutelage of head coach Mark Jackson. Stephen Curry finally looked over his injury woes and the rest of the team was starting to gel in a big way together. Then Mark Jackson was summarily fired in a move that resembled Coach Thibs being ejected from Chicago this season and fans didn’t really know what to expect. Steve Kerr was signed to take up the mantle as head coach, as a former NBA great, and so far the man hasn’t been disappointing. With Kerr at the forefront of an offense led by The Splash Brothers, Golden State is favored to win their first title in quite awhile – but it won’t be easy.

The Golden State Warriors come into Wednesday’s Game 1 as favorites to win the title. Golden State spearheaded a deep Western Conference by winning almost 70 games. Their opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers, come into this series on the verge of finally being healthy, outside of the fact that Kevin Love is not going to be returning. So with the Cavs missing one of their best players, why should Golden State be concerned at all?

The answer is simple: LeBron James. Much like Steph Curry can take over a quarter with his three point shooting, LeBron James can take over a game with his physicality. Finally surrounded by competent pieces, James can marshal his strength for a big game winning push.

Keith Mann Nebraska Huskers

Keith Mann is one of the most known sports directors for media. He was ranked to be an assistant sports athletic in 29th July 2009.Since 2004, he served as a Nebraska director. He controls and coordinates all the programs of media relation and at the same time he serves Nebraska’s football team. He also coordinates the huskers.com on media relations.

Nebraska’s media relation has formed a platform where programs about athletics are discussed, and then the media relation approves them. So as to avoid any confusion, the Nebraska’s athletics tend to meet with the media relation director and arrange the interview.
The media relation director has made the Nebraska’s Huskers team to be very famous since it is also seen on television and different websites too. The Nebraska’s office coordinate’s bi-weekly news and transfers notes parcels in the country. When football season arrives, the media relation Director and its team e-mail utmost 2500 personnel through media relation.
Since the Nebraska’s athletic is well known, it is always called so as to coordinate the sports events that are conducted in the country. In order to make the Huskers athletics to be more active, the media relation Director promotes the athlete by showing them on Huskers.com and hence many people tend to know the best player.
When Keith Mann became the director of the media relation, it has been shown that the team had progressed comprehensively. It was shown that Nebraska’s team had over 50 Americans per year. Also he also helps to control and manages the athletics websites and hence they tend to update the websites about the current issue.
The media director personnel also assisted the players by volunteering to work with them and thus when he returned to Lincoln he spent utmost one year with Nebraska’s golf association when he later joined the athletic sector. Keith Mann also worked as a student assistant and later he spent one year in an internship. He later joined the Nebraska’s sports team as a sports assistant.

Howard Suspended 1 Game

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard will be suspended for the first game of next season due to his accumulation of flagrant fouls in the NBA Playoffs. The league upgraded the common foul called during Game 5 on Howard to a Flagrant 1. Howard set a vicious pick with his forearm on Golden State forward Andre Iguodala that resulted in Iguodala being smacked in the neck area toward the end of the fourth quarter. The league also announced they rescinded technical fouls on Howard and Andrew Bogut from the second quarter of the game.

The suspension comes at a time when the NBA is losing credibility due to their inconsistency in officiating. If the previous playoff games were an indicator, many fans believed Howard would be suspended for Game 5 after the backhanded blow he threw at Bogut in Game 4. The foul was reviewed, but not upgraded. The upgrade would have resulted in a suspension for one of the league’s star players during a pivotal Game 5 in the series. However, the league had no problem with the ejection of Atlanta’s Al Horford in a pivotal Game 3 against Cleveland or suspending Cleveland’s J.R. Smith for the first two games of the previous series against Chicago.

It is this inconsistency that has many fans like Daniel Amen and the team at goodreads.com scratching their heads. Howard’s suspension comes a game too late and is nothing compared to the impact the suspension could have made. The Rockets will only miss Howard for the first game in a 82-game season after the center regularly toed the line during the playoffs. Houston was extremely lucky in that regard, but will watch the rest of the playoffs from home nonetheless.

Dwight Howard Avoids Suspension, Will Play in Game 5.

Dwight Howard was nicknamed Superman early in his career for his abilities on the court and his jokester antics during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In Game 4 of the Rockets – Warriors Western Conference Finals, Dwight was looking a little more like Lex Luther. The big center was hit with a flagrant foul after he whacked Andrew Bogut in the back of the head with an elbow after fighting for possession of a rebound. The play was deemed flagrant on the court and the NBA chose to review it after the game, eventually leaving the foul with no change.

For Houston there hasn’t been much right going on during the Western Conference Finals but Dwight has been one of them. The former superstar has gone a long time without being ‘the guy’ on the basketball court. In fact it had been so long that many people questioned whether Howard still had the ability within himself. To answer that question Dwight has come out and played incredible basketball against the Warriors. So far in four games Dwight is averaging 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 block on 60% shooting from the floor.

Daniel Amen suggests that the Houston Rockets need to keep feeding Dwight Howard down low in this game. Whether he scores or not is almost incidental in comparison to how his play slows the game down and creates foul trouble for the big Golden State Warriors.