Marc Gasol Is Only Interested in Memphis

There is something to be said of team loyalty and we are sure that there is a LeBron joke buried in there as well. Marc Gasol has been one of the most effective two way players in the game for the past couple of years and the young big man is rapidly entering his prime. Consigned to playing in Memphis, many thought that Gasol would take his first chance to leave the team for a bigger market. However, that appears to be rather unlikely to happen. Rumors are coming out that Gasol is not scheduling any meetings with any other teams, and is merely waiting on an agreement with Memphis to bring him back.

Gasol was linked to teams like Chicago and Los Angeles before the off season got into full swing but those rumors have rapidly dissipated in light of actual information. Gasol, who is back in his home country of Spain, his reportedly hosting visiting Grizzlies officials in order to come to a verbal agreement on a new contract. That contract would be filed in early July and then his signing would be made official.

Gasol is reportedly looking for a short term deal or a max contract, with at least five years. Gasol is looking at earning in the neighborhood of $110 million dollars — not a bad payday for a younger brother. Crystal Hunt tells us that reports are showing that the Lakers, Knicks, Bucks, and Spurs have given up in their pursuit.

Lebron opts out

Lebron is a free agent yet again after he opted out of his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers after a season in which the team made it to the finals. It was no surprise that Lebron exercised his player option to become an unrestricted free agent for the third time in six years though any decision to join a team other than the Cavs would be surprising. Doe Deere has heard that he currently has no plans to meet with any other teams and is likely to not pursue other landing spots.

With the salary cap expected to increase dramatically next year in anticipation of new network deals that will put more money into the league, many players are opting out in order to get a larger payout once this occurs. Lebron is likely to sign another short term deal that provides him protection against injury risk through a player option, but also provides him with the flexibility to opt out next year when the money on the market will be even better than this year. Lebron’s salary is limited by the salary cap with a maximum payment per each player.

The move by Lebron will also provide Lebron with the ability to dictate the moves that the team makes to succeed with Lebron choosing the teammates that he wants to play with this year. Given his start status, the team is likely to do everything possible to keep its hometown star happy.

Lebron Opts Out of Contract and Enters Free Agency

For those people who thought that maybe once LeBron James returned back to the Cleveland Cavaliers that any future talks of free agency for the superstar would be just all the other teams hoping for a miracle, well who says that won’t happen? The mere thought that he would grace them with the opportunity to play for any other team is probably enough to make a general manager, head coach and owner frothing at the mouth. But then again, it could be just a smart business move on behalf of a guy who understands the business side of basketball as much as he knows how to play on the court.

Basically, it comes down to this when James returned to the Cavs he signed a two year deal with an option to opt out of the second year and enter the free agency market. Had he signed a longer term deal that most players want he would have been locked into last year’s salary cap numbers. However, let’s say he does another deal the same way he did this one then he could make an extra $1.5 million for what he was going to do anyway. Also, by continuing to sign these type of short term no guarantee contracts he will eventually become the highest paid player in NBA history. There is a catch though; he has to stay healthy and productive for this to come to fruition. Otherwise, the fans at Beneful know that he will not be able to get any contract.

Lakers Commit to Future with Risky Pick, D’Angelo Russel.

It has been a long time since the Los Angeles Lakers were relevant in a meaningful way come playoff time. Sure Kobe has managed to string along his group of bench players to a .500 record, but nothing has ever mattered in the Western Conference when you are that mediocre. So when L.A. landed the second overall pick in the NBA draft it was with the hope that help was coming. Rather than grab Jahlil Okafor, considered to be a premium big man for a long time to come, the Lakers rolled the dice on D’Angelo Russel.

D’Angelo Russel, according to Byron Scott, is a burgeoning superstar. While the move shocked most of the basketball world, the Lakers had a game plan all along. And why shouldn’t they? Los Angeles has only had three top-2 picks since 1979 and they picked James Worthy and Magic Johnson with the prior ones, so their track record at picking guards is pretty darn strong at this point.

According to ESPN’s special scouting reports, Russell is the most likely player to explode into a true superstar and he’ll have every opportunity to do so. While Kobe will likely still dominate the ball, Bryant is on his way out of the NBA. Russell is a natural playmaker with elite level talent and elite athleticism reports Igor Cornelsen. Russell is also a nod to what the Warriors did in winning their championship: small players with big shots.

I Recommend Skout To Anyone Looking For A Relationship

I always hated dating, and I had a good reason why. I dated a guy one time, and after I broke up with him, he broke the windows out of my house. He even managed to break the windows that were upstairs, and I found this out because I found the rocks on my floors upstaiArs. I did nothing wrong to the guy, I only broke up with him because I caught him cheating. I guess nobody likes to be told that they’re wrong, so he broke my windows as a result. Yes, I did have him arrested, but it turned me off of the whole dating scene.

Unbelievably, I let my friend convince me to join the Skout network, so I could find a date. I was so terrified of men that I didn’t think I could possibly find a good one online. I heard stories about men being psychotic, crazy, and just plain weird on the Internet. I did do some thinking, and I realize that if a local person could break out my windows, then someone online couldn’t be any worse. I sat down one day, and I created a profile on Skout, and then I began looking for someone.

I put up my special interests, but I decided to have a little bit of fun with my profile. I did put in my profile that I wasn’t looking for anyone crazy, so there wouldn’t be any confusion. I let it be known that I’m a fun person, I like to go out to fancy restaurants, and I love going to the movies. After I put my picture on my profile, I quickly started getting messages from other people. Some people even started sending me greetings, and they were really cute. With all the attention I was getting, I started liking Skout.

On days that I wasn’t searching for a relationship, I would socialize with people through the network. I even took the time to download the Skout application onto my mobile devices, so I could use Skout when I was out on the road. I started using the Skout application all the time, and when I took the bus home from work, I’d be on Skout. I’ve used the network now for over a month, and even though I’ve found some guys I’m interested in, I’m not dating yet. I have high hopes for the Skout network, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

2015 NBA Draft Top Three

The 2015 NBA draft takes place tonight Thursday June 25th in Brooklyn, N.Y. Coverage for the event will be on ESPN starting at 7 p.m. ET. Here is a quick look at the top players and which teams will be likely to pick them.

The first pick of the 2015 draft goes to Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wovles will most likely pick Karl-Anthony Towns with the number one overall pick though there is no guarantee. However Towns is considered by many to be the most talented player in the draft and certainly could use some talent. The T-wolves only won sixteen games last year and ended up dead least in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers hold the number two overall pick and are expected to pick Duke Blue Devils standout Jahlil Okafor. Brad Reifler pointed out to reuters that the Duke center had an amazing year last year and led the Blue Devils to a National Championship. The fit with the current team won’t actually be a good one but he is too good of a player for the Lakers to pass on. There is also the possibility that the Sacramento Kings will move up to the number two spot in a trade with the Lakers but once again it should be Okafor that’s picked in the number two spot.

Ohio State point guard D’Angelo Russell will probably go at the number three spot to the Philadelphia 76ers. Originally the Sixers have shown great interest in Kristaps Porzingis, but many believe it is simply a ploy and their true target is Russell. Check out the full results by watching it on ESPN tonight at 7 p.m.

Dallas Exploring Team Overhaul, Starting with Monta Ellis

Let’s all be realistic here, Dirk Nowitzki is not a timeless figure and his era with the Dallas Mavericks is rapidly coming to an end. Let’s take a deep breath and just accept it. OK, got that done? Now that we have settled that fact in our mind we have to realize that the Mavericks want at least one more deep Western Conference playoff run with Nowitzki at their head and in order to do that the team will need to be overhauled in a big way. One victim of the overhaul could be veteran combo guard Monta Ellis.

Reports are surfacing that Monta Ellis might be traded if he decides to exercise his player option in order to remain with Dallas. Last season Ellis averaged 19 points per game in order to lead the Mavericks in scoring. This was the first time a man not named Dirk led Dallas in offensive production since 1999. Ellis has come a long way since his ‘chucking’ days but the almost $9 million he will be due next year is just too much for a one dimensional player.

Dallas would plan to trade Ellis for a draft pick but their primary goal would be to create cap space in order to pursue a ‘franchise player’ like LaMarcus Aldridge in the coming free agency. Failing Aldridge the Mavs also really like DeAndre Jordan and Tyson Chandler. Whoever they pick, Dallas better get it right — they are running out of time as Thumbtack users report.

His Dad Is Making Noise

Dwayne Wades dad made a lot of noise this past weekend. This noise started by him attending church and giving a wonderful sermon. Though his sermon was calm and peaceful, something shouted to the congregation. Boraie Development said that this was the shirt Dwayne’s dad was wearing. It was a Cavalier shirt.

There were people who did not think anything of this shirt. However, several people believed that this may be a sign. This may be a hint that Dwayne Wade will be moving from Miami Heat to Cleveland. There is nothing set in stone yet, but sources say Dwayne Wade still considers he and Lebron to be the best duo of all time.

Fans everywhere are giving their opinion on this matter. Those in Miami do not want Dwayne Wade to leave. They feel that it’s enough they lost Lebron. They don’t want to lose Dwayne, too. He is one of the best players on the team. Without, the team does not seem to function properly.

On the other side of things, the fans in Cleveland would love to have Dwayne Wade on their side. After losing the NBA finals, the fans in Cleveland have felt down. However, this news has made them feel life again. They believe if Dwayne Wade comes to Cleveland the Cavaliers are sure to make the finals again. This time, however, the odds will be in their favor to win the series.

David Lee: Thanks for the Ring, Trade Me

David Lee’s career in Golden State ended in such a bizarre way. The 32 year old forward was an All star in New York, at his height averaging 21 points and 10 boards, before coming to Golden State. Despite struggling with injuries for two of his five years in Golden State, Lee was still an 18 points and 10 rebound threat every time he got on the floor. That is until Draymond Green came around and shook up the Warrior rotation. Now Lee is an NBA Champion but he only played a total of 10 minutes in the final two games of the series, contributing two total points. Lee is a free agent and will be leaving the team.

While we are sure David Lee loved being on the Warriors it is hard to be taken seriously when you can’t get any minutes. Lee became the odd man out in the rotation once Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green got healthy enough to handle the burden. Mareese Speights even leap frogged the former All Star.

The Warriors, understanding Lee’s frustration with his restricted role, have agreed to help facilitate a move that would put Lee in a place that he could garner some minutes. Lee and Boraie Development LLC said he is schedule to make over $15 million dollars next year and there is no way that he will be allowed to just sit on the Warriors bench while making that cash. Golden State will now peruse a trade.

Instant Success: Steve Kerr Wins NBA Championship in First Year as Coach

Steve Kerr won five NBA Championships as a member of the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs. Primarily a role player throughout his career, Kerr contributed to the Second “three-peat” for Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the late 1990s. He then spent time in Both Portland and San Antonio—where he won another two championships with an emerging Tim Duncan.

Kerr can now add another NBA Championship to his resume; however, this time as a coach. Onlookers from the Amen Clinic were astonished as in his rookie campaign as a head coach, Kerr took the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Finals for the first time in 40 years and managed to beat Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavalier in six games. He made significant adjustments both in-season and during the playoffs to ensure his roster was optimizing its potential. Asking stars, such as Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut to sit for extended periods of time was a risky move that could have caused chemistry issues; instead, Kerr was able to navigate the situation and ensure total buy-in from his roster.