The Truth About Online Reputation

Technology is an essential element in today’s world. Being able to use this technology efficiently, particularly when it is not cooperating is a skill. Whether it is a computer virus that has been haunting your system for months, or reputation online that has wrecking havoc in your business, you need to be able to fix the issue quickly with the use of relevant technology.

For the former issue, there are many anti-virus tools that do the job well. But latter issue is a matter only a few service companies can and will handle. If the software you have downloaded recently doesn’t offer the needed support to improve your reputation like promised, consider that even a mild case of glitch can mean trouble, so you need to give some consideration to how you are going to handle the potential issue. You could ask for help from Status Labs, for example. This company specializes in online reputation management, search engine optimization, image curation, crisis response, content re-writing and publications. So when your business is running and you are rushing to meet a deadline, having negative remarks on the web is only going to make the matter worse. Status Labs offers a wide range of packages to improve your image online. Its clients get to avail features that are essential for maintaining good online reputation.

Over 90 percent of individuals and businesses surveyed felt that Status Labs has given them second chances. They also feel that when opportunities arise, those with positive reputation always win out. With constantly evolving technology, new tools and standards are used in this management task. Professionals at Status Labs are recognized for what they do while Darius Fisher the president of the company thinks that there is a long way to go in this regard.

The instances where a legitimate company gets bad reputation by unscrupulous elements on the internet are many. Bogus users trample on the dreams of individuals and firms who want to make a name on the internet. Their negative remarks not only cause loss of business but loss of life as well. The problem is so bad that even government organizations have their bad days. Some companies are only a money-making machines, where no matter how much money is invested, clients never achieve the reputation and freedom promised. Status Labs, on the other hand, is the company to rely on for genuine help. The professionals here will alter your website content with words that will stimulate positive response from your target customers. The opportunities for clients are so fabulous that the company has a whole team dedicated to reputation management. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has offices in many major cities including Sao Paulo and New York.

AnastaisaDate – Where Western Men Meet Russian Women

There appears to be a strong attraction to Russian women by a large number of North American men. Be it the plethora of leggy, blonde tennis professionals, or their gorgeous Olympic gymnasts and track stars, Russia seems to always have an abundant supply of beautiful female athletes and fashion models who capture the hearts and minds of men from across the Atlantic.
Many lonely or dissatisfied western men are drawn to travel companies or online websites that specialize in connecting them with Russian women. These matchmaking companies live and grow through their images as reputable services.
AnastasiaDate is one of these Russian dating services that has generated a good reputation for honesty and productive results. It was founded in 1993 by an American man and his Russian wife. They had met through an introduction company’s catalog, married, and then decided there was a better way to connect western men and Russian women. In 1997, the couple launched their first dating website in Russia. By 2003, had expanded globally.
After being sold to a private investor in 2011, AnastasiaDate hired an international dating consultant named Mark Brooks to further improve the Russian online dating scene as a whole. Currently, AnastasiaDate operates out of offices located in Moscow and Bangor, Maine.
Russia and other Eastern European countries encourage and profit from the online dating industry. Between airline tickets, hotels, meals, cab fares, gifts for the ladies and hired interpreters, each male client from the west spends many thousands of dollars in pursuing the woman of their dreams. For these countries, whose low GNP hovers around $7,000 per citizen, western men on dating excursions are an important part of the economy.
All too common in the past, the motto for dating companies was, “the perfect bride is the one who never goes to the marriage altar.” In other words, there was money to be made stringing a love-sick suitor along until his money ran out and the prospective bride dumped him.
For the most part, the rise of social media has eliminated that practice. Instant negative feedback and bad critiques through social media giants like Facebook can damage if not destroy a Russian dating service who still plays those hurtful games.
Western men looking for romance and the girl of their dreams in the far reaches of Eastern Europe appears to be an on-going trend not to end any time soon. May happy matches have been made over the years, and may happy family-units have sprung up and endured because of the practice. As in any male-female relationship, a word of caution is the better part of valor. Take your time and get to know the other person before you follow your heart all the way to Russia and back.

Lime Crime Helps Girls To Love How They Look In The Mirror

When a girl looks in the mirror and sees her reflection she is going to want to feel good about how it looks. Especially if she is getting ready for a big day, or a big date. She will want to know that she has hidden every flaw with her cosmetics, and she will want to know so much more than that, too.
Cosmetics are not just about making sure that there are no flaws on one’s face, anymore. They are also about making sure that one is able to look great and making sure that one is able to have fun. Girls can take their cosmetics and do something different with them every time if they just have the right brands to purchase from. There isn’t anything holding them back from picking out bold colored cosmetics. They should do whatever makes them happy, and they should put on cosmetics that make them look more like themselves.
Lime Crime is a brand that is glad to help girls to express who they are. This brand has all different kinds of colorful, dark and glittery cosmetics, and girls get excited when they see all of the options that they have when it comes to this brand. There are so many different possibilities for them when they use the cosmetics that are offered from Lime Crime on pinterest, and they will never have to worry about running out of fun, fresh cosmetics for them to use, again.
Girls can do so much more with the cosmetics that they own than just covering up the imperfections that they have. They can use them to help them to look more beautiful. They can use them to help them look unique from the other girls around them. And, maybe most importantly, they can use their cosmetics to help them to show their personality. Every girl should be brave enough to take the cosmetics that are offered to her and to pick out the right ones to show just who she is inside. She might just find that she loves the way that she looks in the mirror when she does that better than any other time.

Getting A Good Deal On Mobile Wireless Services Can Be Hard

When people see ads that are made for mobile wireless services they may become convinced that one company is better than another, but they won’t actually know just which company is best until they have thoroughly researched every one that is available to them. These types of companies are always changing in the deals that they offer, and people can easily become confused about which company they should go with if they want to spend the least money. But, thankfully for the confused, there is one company that will never leave them feeling that way.

FreedomPop is very straightforward about the deal that they are offering to their customers. They tell them that they are giving them a free mobile service, and that is exactly what they do. The people who sign up for this company are able to get a deal on something that most people try to and fail to get one on. Mobile wireless services do not always give people the low prices that they promise, but FreedomPop operates differently.

FreedomPop is so different than the other mobile services out there that many people have chosen them over the others, already. People are switching over and coming to trust this company. They like that FreedomPop gives then what they promise, and they like that this company is so modern and unique. FreedomPop is a company for people to be thinking about when they are doing their research on the mobile wireless services offered to them.

Ads can be deceptive, but facts never are. People need to look into the mobile wireless services that they are thinking of using, and they need to find out what the facts are on all of them. Once they have done that, then they should be able to quickly find out which company will actually give them the good deal that they were hoping to get.

Atlanta Hawks’ Bruce Levenson Continues to Be An Inspirational Inhabitant of Planet Earth

Among many news items associated with Bruce Levenson on and the Atlanta Hawks is its new name. Once known as Atlanta Spirit LLC, the organization was composed of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. The name was officially changed in March 2014 after its former owners stepped aside following the 2007 death of Bud Seretean.

According to latest news reports, the sale was formally sanctioned by the NBA Board of Governors in 2015.

In USA’s financial realm, many experts speculated about how the Atlanta Hawks price tag would stand up to Milwaukee whose selling price was $550 million and the LA Clippers price tag of $2 billion. Needless to say, the Atlanta Hawks price tag was $850 million.

Ironically, one of the Hawks former owners, Ted Turner, is rumored to still maintain a connection through his son, Beau Turner, his son-in-law, J. Rutherford Seydel and Michael Gearson Sr., who functioned in several official capacities during Ted Turner’s period of ownership.

In the wake of current controversy, it should be noted that Bruce Levenson is deemed to be one of the USA’s most successful business people as well as being a highly-esteemed philanthropist and family-oriented human being.

Bruce Levenson recently hopped aboard the app bandwagon with Gas Buddy, an app that enables vehicle operators to find the best fuel prices wherever they may be driving.

Levenson recently participated in charity’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while stationed on a trampoline at an undisclosed Colorado location. This speaks well of Levenson’s endeavors to make the world a better place since the ice bucket challenge is a fundraiser effort to support medical research and patient care for those afflicted with amyotrophic lateral selerosis, better known a Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Rumor has it that an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is headed in the direction of the Atlanta Hawks cheerleader squad.

Would-be Ice Bucket Challengers can find a unique Halloween costume predicted to be a top-seller for 2015. This costume that includes a bucked of fake ice water reigning down over its wearer is available online at

In basketball news, this year’s Atlanta Hawks roster will include Jason Richardson, who brings 13-years of experience to the team along with Lamar Patterson who has undergone a new diet regime resulting in the loss of quite a few pounds. ESPN is predicting that the Atlanta Hawks will be among the top five, speculated to be number three, Eastern Coast Conference teams for the upcoming season.

Atlanta’s Phillips Arena continues to be the home base for the Hawks whose 2008 Game 6 drew a crowd of fans estimated to exceed 20,00 fans. Phillips Arena’s unique design includes two architectural features, one being that the roof supports spell ATLANTA and another view spells CNN.As a Champion of Planet Earth, Levenson continues to keep his finger on the U.S. Holocaust Museum situated on the Washington, D.C. National Mall in honot of his mother-in-law who was a holocaust survivor.

Berkshire Hathaway Just Bought A Major Interest In Phillips 66 Again

It seems like Warren Buffet knows something all investors should know. He knows when to dump a stock and he also knows how to buy it back at the right time. James Dondero on nexbank, the president of Highland Capital Management has a great amount of respect for Buffet’s investment style. Dondero thinks a $4.48 billion stake in Phillips 66 may sound a bit bullish, but when the oil industry is analyzed, Buffet may be on to something. Berkshire Hathaway’s 57.98 million share position in Phillips 66 means Buffet owns around 10.8 percent of the oil giant. Shares of Phillips recently closed at $77.23, according to Dondero. Dondero said this is not the first time Buffet has owned a sizeable interest in the Houston-based oil company. In 2014, he sold $1.35 billion shares. Buffet swapped those shares for shares in a chemical business.

Berkshire started rebuilding its position with Phillips 66 in the second quarter of this year. The investment giant bought $3.09 billion shares during that time. It goes without saying that Buffet believes that oil is the best investment strategy this year. Even though Berkshire owns 80 businesses and $ 117.7 billion worth of equities, oil is the major push, according to Dondero and other investment experts.

Investment strategists like Dondero think oil stocks are a great buy this year. Crude prices are the lowest they have been in more than six years and they won’t stay that low forever, according to the strategists. Oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela will have to cut production, and that means oil prices will increase. The U.S. companies won’t be able to supply enough oil to make up for the production increase. The biggest challenge to investing in oil stocks is knowing which companies will be able to weather the low-price storm. Companies with a high-debt to income ratio may not be around when the oil market does change.

The fourth quarter of 2015 should help stabilize the oil industry, and the changes that are occurring in China along with a decline in shale oil production in the United States should help boost oil prices. Oil inventories won’t increase as much during the fourth quarter and that is another reason why oil is a good investment.

Warren Buffet knows how to play the investment game. He studies the signs and then reacts. Dondero says Buffet is right more than he wrong and that is the sign of a great investor and businessman.

CEO Andy Wirth Has An Amazing Story

CEO of Squaw Valley Ski in Olympic Valley, California Andy Wirth has made an amazing recovery after a mishap that occurred during a skydiving expedition with friends. Wirth, who was an avid skydiver, was forced to land in a vineyard after strong shifting winds make it impossible for Andy to land in his designated safe landing zone. Trapped between the winds and fenced in by power lines on both sides, he was trapped and had no choice but to land in the vineyards of a winery in Lodi, California. The vineyards were not a good landing place and almost cost him his life. He managed to avoid the power lines but the sharp stakes, posts and fences in the vineyard mangled his right arm and almost killed him. Bleeding profusely Andy Wirth managed to cling on to hope and muster enough strength by remembering the song “Just Breathe” by the band Pearl Jam.

The song helped uplift Andy Wirth when he thought that all hope was lost and that he was going to die. Recalling the lyrics and his family, he managed to reduce the bleeding from his right arm. Andy would eventually recover but he had become a changed man. He spent several months in the hospital and underwent numerous surgeries. Doctor’s managed to save Andy’s right arm after the severe trauma suffered in the vineyard. Andy Wirth in his time of near death, realized that he needed to spent more time with his family and he has done exactly that. He also penned a letter to the band who’s music helped him survive and push on despite excruciating pain after his hazardous landing.

Well known as being an active and strong man Andy Wirth quickly returned to business and exercise after he got well enough to leave the hospital. Mr. Wirth is a former backcountry ranger and EMT and has participated in numerous triathletes. Getting back to his active lifestyle after such a traumatic experience would be a big hurdle but he found motivation when he encountered US Navy Seals training in his Squaw Valley Ski resort. Both the Navy Seals and Andy Wirth exchanged stories that helped to motivate each other in physical training and in life. Wirth was so inspired by the stories and training alongside the navy seals that he founded the Special Warefar Warriors Group to raise money for the US Navy Seals foundation. Long involved in the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow Ski resorts and in local issues, Mr. Wirth was also recently appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. His long experience in the hospitality and tourism sector combined with his expertise in the Reno and Lake Tahoe region make him an excellent choice for chairman to lead the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.



The Atlanta Hawks Will Prove They’re Worth $850 Million

The NBA had seen relatively stable values for the sales of NBA franchises for years. That all changed when Steve Ballmer purchased the Los Angeles Clippers for $1 billion in 2014. This move really pushed prices skyward in the NBA. One of the most remarkable valuation increases was for the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks were valued at around $425 million in 2013. In 2015, Bruce Levenson and his Atlanta Spirit LLC sold the team for $850 million to a team lead by Tony Ressler. It’s clear that the Clippers deals have changed the valuation of NBA teams permanently.

When Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 the team was suffering from low attendance. Over the years, he helped build the on-court talent and the attendance at home games. Atlanta is a middle-market NBA city. Cities like this generally need to reach the NBA Championship to increase their franchise value. Although the Hawks have fielded many playoff teams, they have yet to win the crown. If that were to change, Ressler’s purchase will end up being a bargain. Those who buy NBA teams are looking at future valuations when they buy in. Teams that win end up generally rising the most overall. The Hawks have a strong team that could win it all if they put together a few more missing pieces.

When training camp opens in a month, there will be a number of players vying for roster spots. Ressler has promised to take a hands-off approach to managing the team. The roster is not set yet, but insiders feel they’ll field a strong team this year. The Hawks represent a major investment for the new group who took over for Levenson, so it seems likely improving the product as much as possible is a high priority. The Hawks have generally finished in the middle of the pack when it comes to season attendance. That could change with a winning team. The past season they saw their seats filled as they put up an excellent season. For most team sports, winning is a cure-all for any attendance woes. People are more than willing to go to games if they feel the team is a good one.

The new economics of the NBA are here to stay. Valuations never go down. The most valuable team in the NBA is now worth almost $3 billion and the average is just over $1 billion. Teams purchased ten or more years ago now seem like absolute bargains. One thing is certain, there are only so many teams in the NBA. Anyone who wants to own one is going to have to pay up. Levenson and Atlanta Spirit LLC earned $600 million for their eleven-year investment in appreciation. Ressler could end up doing even better if his time horizon is long enough. If the team becomes a Champion, then things could move even faster. Teams that win it all sell more merchandise and more seats that anyone else. If the Hawks win big, that will happen in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Hawks Have All The Pieces To Win It All

I’ve been a fan of the Atlanta Hawks for a long time. As a lifelong resident of the great city of Atlanta, I’ve always rooted intensely for my hometown Hawks to win. The Hawks have been members in good standing of the NBA since 1949, long before I was born. My dad and my grandad were big fans of the team and many of my happiest childhood memories involve the Hawks. During the many years I’ve been a fan of the team, the last few years have been some of the most exciting.

Bruce Levenson owned the team for over ten years, before selling earlier this year. His Atlanta Spirit LLC did a great job of building up a solid team nucleus that has a real chance at winning it all. Levenson built a solid front office which did a good of building on-court talent. That talent turned up big this past season. This has me thinking that a long-awaited championship may be at hand. Tony Ressler, who led a group that bought the team from Levenson for $850 million, seems committed to winning it all.

There’s a lot of excitement right now from fans about this franchise. The team won 17 straight games in January. That’s an unreal feat that shows what they’re capable of. They didn’t last long in the playoffs this year, but that will change with experience. The games were sold out for the end of the season and the playoffs. As a fan, I could feel a real sense of excitement that had swept over the fans. The team is really good and could just end up winning a championship in the very near future. Atlanta could use a basketball championship. The town has many hardcore NBA fans who have seen many solid teams, but not titles. It’s one thing to be patient, but it’s another to wait around for something that doesn’t seem ready to happen.

I know I’ll be loving this new season. My dad and grandad and I still go to all the games. My grandad is getting up there in years, but he is thinking title this year. He jokes that he’ll be able to die happy if that occurs! If they do win, I hope nothing that dramatic will happen to gramps, but I understand exactly how he feels. When you’ve been going to games for decades, you really want to see your favorite team win it all. I am firmly believing that this is the era where it happens. Levenson built a good team and it looks like Ressler will put the finishing touches on it. For all the amazing fans in the city of Atlanta, this year could be the culmination of many years of hoping and waiting. I can’t wait until the new season comes. Every year, I get antsy when the season grows nearer. I’ve just never been a big fan of football or baseball. Basketball is my game and the Atlanta Hawks are my team.

Practicing Law in Brazil

Brazil is a Republic. It has a total of 26 states, and the federal district of Brasilia. The practice of law in Brazil has only been regulated by law for 22 years. The country does have a national bar association, and each jurisdiction has its own bar association. There was a law enacted in 1994, and this law, number 8906, provides that states are responsible for licensing attorneys in their territories. The federal districts were also conferred that same obligation through the enactment of this law.

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil requires having a law degree from an accredited university. Candidates must have also completed a 2 year internship at a legal practice that is registered. Beyond these requirements, the path to being able to practice law requires taking the state bar examination, and once that exam is passed, a candidate is now considered a lawyer, and is allowed to represent clients in that state.

Brazil does not allow foreign firms to practice law at all in this country. A number of foreign firms have established offices in Brazil, but they are still precluded from practicing law. They are able to practice law in cases where the entire focus is international or foreign law. There are a number of law firms that are authorized to practice law in Brazil, and those that also have comprehensive international law departments.

The law offices of Leite, Tosto e Barros have several different areas of expertise. The main areas of practice for this firm include dispute resolution, banking, civil and commercial law as well as corporate and international law, to name a few. Their international law department deals with bank regulations on foreign capital, imports and exports, business crime, transfer of technology, and international negotiations. Ricardo Tosto, one of the partners, is a prominent leader and legal strategist.

After working in a few different firms, Mr. Tosto established his own firm, which quickly became on of the largest, and most successful, in Brazil. He made his reputation by providing legal services to some of the largest corporations in Brazil, multinationals, politicians and in defending public personalities. He was also instrumental in adopting a number of legal mechanisms, and these subsequently became commonly used in Brazil. He also mentored a number of interns, some of whom went on to become partners in his practice.

Under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto, the firm is thriving. His practice area is litigation, and he specializes in banking operations, political law, debt and credit restructuring as well as commercial, civil and business law. The firm has won numerous awards, and has become a model for other firms. Today Leite, Tosto e Barros is the recommended firm for 2015 by Latin Lawyer 250. Having received his degree in Law at Mackenzie, Mr. Tosto has gone on to become recognized by Who’s Who Legal, nominating him one of the best commercial litigators in Brazil. He has also published several articles, has given numerous lectures, and is a consummate legal and political writer. Mr. Tosto has built an excellent reputation for himself, his firm, has enhanced the legal process in Brazil, and has established a stellar career.