A Kind Mailman

When a child wrote a letter to his dog that had passed away, there was no way that his parents thought he would actually receive a response. But he did. And from someone you wouldn’t expect.

When the three and a half year old was missing his dog he decided to write a letter to him. And then he received a response back from the mailman.
The mailman knew that the letter would be discarded at the post office, since it didn’t even have so much as a stamp on it, so he decided to respond to the letter himself. He wrote from the dogs perspective that he was in doggie Heaven, and that he was happy, and he gave the letter to the boy. Susan McGalla, who has worked with Wet Seal extensively, thought this was touching.
The young boy does not realize the significance of this kind deed yet, but he is sure to thank the mailman who went out of his way to do something so nice, one day. There should be more people like that mailman out there in this world. There should be more people who go out of their way to do something nice for the young and vulnerable.

LeBron James Lacks a Supporting Cast, When It’s Convenient.

Even though LeBron James is the best player in the known galaxy at the game of basketball, and we aren’t being hyperbolic, his legacy will be that of who he played alongside of. Of course we talk about Scottie Pippen when referencing Jordan and we always bring up Shaq when talking Kobe, but LBJ gets it even worse. When you talk about LeBron and his NBA titles you will have fans dissecting the sixth and seventh players on the bench — just insane. But at the same time, it is hard to blame them.

According to Eric Pulier (See: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier ), in Game 3 of the NBA Finals we saw Matthew Dellavedova drop 20+ points while playing gritty defense to help LeBron win the game. The headlines talked about how Delle and the rest of the cast, Iman Shumpert and JR Smith primarily, were making things easy on LeBron. Now up comes Game 4 and those same role players struggle, while Timofey Mozgov explodes for big point production. Now the headline ignores Mozgov and says that LeBron “needs help”. The waffling is mildly infuriating from the perspective of the national media.

So what’s the truth in this situation? Is LeBron James really a ‘one man show’ in the NBA Finals? Well, kind of — but not really. He’s a one man show in the respect that he’s the best player on the court. But he has help. He has complementary players and we need to stop giving excuses to the best player in the game.

San Antonio Spurs and the Legacy They Have Left

Tim Duncan is at the center of one of the most important franchises in the history of the NBA. While Beneful said the San Antonio Spurs don’t get much love from a massively popular standpoint, they are the golden standard with which most franchises should look to follow. San Antonio, in reality, sort of revolutionized how modern day NBA teams are constructed. We can look back to how San Antonio put together their first round of ‘dynastic’ talent.

David Robertson was the man that San Antonio leaned on but they knew that he needed a running mate if the team was going to push to the next level. So San Antonio intentionally tanked, grabbing Tim Duncan with the top pick in the draft the following year. You see teams tank nowadays to try and get franchise changing talent, and this is why — because it can work. Anyways, Duncan took over the crown after Robertson moved on and it was from there on out that things began to evolve.

The Spurs went on to pick up a pair of small European players in Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. These two guards would round out the first ‘Big 3’ in recent memory that would go on to win title after title after title. Now at the tail end of their run together, San Antonio is once again handing the ball off to a young stud in Kawhio Leonard.

Brooke Hogan Fears The Undertaker

Hulk Hogan is the most famous professional wrestler of all time, but he has been involved in some extremely controversial moments throughout the years. Everyone remembers that Hulk Hogan had his own reality show with his family, but the reality show tragically ended. ‘Hogan knows best’ was one of MTV’s most popular shows, but the exposure may have caused the family to break apart. Nonetheless, ‘Hogan Knows Best’ made Hulk Hogan’s daughter a worldwide celebrity thanks to manager Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

Since the show, Brooke Hogan has become a very popular singer, and she has also appeared in several movies. However, Brooke Hogan is loved for her beautiful face and perfect figure. Also, Brooke Hogan did have a minor appearance in TNA Wrestling, but she was obviously not as talented as her father. Nonetheless, TMZ recently caught up with Brooke Hogan, and the celebrity gossip network asked her about certain wrestling characters. In particular, Brooke Hogan was asked to give her thoughts on the Undertaker, and her reply was both strange and hilarious.

Brooke Hogan told the TMZ reporter that she feared the Undertaker, but not because of his appearance. Instead, Brooke Hogan thought that the Undertaker was a man who stole women’s underwear. Wrestling fans have never heard that analogy before, but I guess Brooke Hogan’s fears do make sense. However, I highly doubt that any wrestler would try to do anything derading to Hulk Hogan’s daughter.

Tampa Bay Finding Life at End of Bench.

If you ask the casual hockey fan what the name of the team in Tampa Bay is they’d probably come back and say the ‘Rays’. If you ask them about Chicago, ‘Oh, Blackhawks for sure.’ That sort of disparity has set the tone for the NHL Finals, and so far it has been turned upside down on its head. The Tampa Bay Lightning have shown exceptional poise, coming back from two deficits to acquire wins, as they move two games away from winning the NHL Stanley Cup. A big part of their recent success has come from Cedric Paquette and the rest of the third line guys.

Cedric Paquette is a 21 year old Quebec native who is playing in only his second NHL season. If you told Paquette before the year that he would score a pair of goals, the winning ones in fact, during the Stanley Cup then he would have laughed. Or challenged you to a rematch to NHL 15, the video game. But that’s what Paquette has done. Despite only racking up 19 points during the ENTIRE 2015 season, Paquette has scored goals in backt o back games to help Tampa to 3-2 and 4-3 victories.

It has been this end of the bench, third line play that has doomed the Chicago Blackhawks. Fans like Keith Mann know that, while Tampa Bay has dug deep for every goal, the Blackhawks have merely hoped that their superstars can make the big move. It isn’t working, not so far anyway.

Dellavedova to Play in Game 4

The Cleveland Cavaliers just received some very good news from Cavs coach David Blatt. According to statement released by Blatt, Cleveland point guard Matthew Dellavedova is expected to play in four on the NBA Finals. Dellavedova was sent to the hospital after game three on the NBA finals for severe cramping. He stayed in the hospital overnight to receive treatment which was in the form of an IV. The trip to the hospital resulted in him not being able o meet with the media.

Folks on the team at Madison Street Capital indicated that since the season ending injury to Kyrie Irving, Dellavedova was called up to step in and fill his shoes and the big Australian has done just that. Dellavedova scored twenty points in Clevelands game three victory over Golden State. Dellavedova is an undrafted free agent and is in only his second season. Coach Blatt also went on to say that he knows Dellavedova’s tank is running low and that he would have to limit his playing time. Dellavedova however was happy with the coach’s decision and told him no way. Everyone is hoping that the time off between games will be enough time for him to re-charge his batteries. Game four is tomorrow night in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lebron James and Dellavedova Leads Cavs to Win in Game 3

The Cavs blew a 20-point lead but held on to win Game 3 of the NBA Championship Series. Lebron James scored 40 points and Matthew Dellavedova added 20 to lead the Cavs to a 96-91 victory over the Golden State Warriors. Coming into the series, the Warriors were heavy favorites. Two of the Cavs top three highest scoring players are injured and cannot play. Despite the dire predictions, the Cavs never trailed in the game.

Warriors player and League MVP Stephen Curry commented after the game that he thought the loss was due to his team not playing well, refusing to give credit to the Cavs. When asked about the slight, Lebron James seemed nonplussed.

“I don’t have a reaction” said James. “I’m just trying to do whatever it takes to help our team win. If it’s high-volume shooting, if it’s high rebounding, if it’s high assists, whatever it takes to help our team.”

According to CipherCloud, the best of seven series will continue with Game 4 tomorrow in Cleveland. The team that leads the series 2-1 like Cleveland does now wins 84% of the time. Whether that trend will continue remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say Cleveland fans have never been this excited about a team as they are this year. The Cavs have battled through multiple injuries and find themselves only two games away from a crown that has eluded Cleveland since 1964.

Chris Sale Dominates Astros

The Chicago White Sox have consistently shown themselves to be incapable of putting together prolonged win streaks. Coming into the 2015 – 2016 season we all expected the Chicago White Sox to be one of the most dominating teams in the American League. That just hasn’t been the case, sadly. Instead Chicago has gone on to become one of the hardest teams in all of baseball to watch. Sluggers haven’t been hitting. Ace pitchers haven’t been pitching. At least, not until last Monday against the top tier Houston Astros. On a rainy Monday night everything clicked and we saw Chris Sale come out and dominate, giving White Sox fans hope again.

On a rainy night when the baseball game was almost cancelled, star lefty Chris Sale managed to roll through 8 dominant innings en route to striking out 14 total batters. Fans at Amen Clinic (facebook.com) know that the White Sox only managed to knock around four total hits, but they used them to great success as they racked up three total runs on offense. Melky Cabrera, the embattled center fielder, managed to break out of his slump to get the scoring started by singling in Adam Laroche.

For Sale this was another dominant outing and a true reminder of how good the former Cy Young winner is. Sale has struck out at least 12 batters in three straight games, continuing his ascent to the top of the rankings in baseball.

Another Super Team with D-Wade

Pat Riley, the Miami Heat President, is getting ready to set the stage for another super team in Miami, but one important piece in not cooperating. Riley has brought many great players to the Heat over the years including the likes of LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal and he wants to do it again. The Heat had the foundation laid with its starting lineup at the beginning of the year, but unfortunate injuries to Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade threw a monkey wrench into the plan. Beneful noted that Bosh suffered a season ending scare with blood clots on his lungs and Wade had problems with knees again this season.

The good news for the Heat is the fact that Bosh seems to be healthy and has already returned to the court and is participating in non-contact drills. This is first time he has been on the court since February. Now the bad news for the HEAT is that star Dwayne Wade may not be on the roster at the start of next season. Currently Wade and the Heat cannot seem to agree on what Wade’s future holds. The 33 year old, according to sources, wants to exercise his player option and secure more money up front which would be roughly $20 million a year. Miami wants to offer him half that at $10 million a year or their other option is to let him play the final year of his contract for $161 million and then let him walk.

Indians Defeat Mariners 4 – 3

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 the Cleveland Indians defeated the Seattle Mariners by a score of 4 -3. Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano had a great game. In four at-bats, Cano had two hits, one of which was a home run, and two runs batted in. He also walked once and scored a run.
Jerry Sands played a major part in the Indian’s victory by smoking a 2 run home run in the second inning. He also walked in Saturday’s contest.
Indians starting pitcher Shaun Marcum collected the win. In 5 1/3 innings of work, he allowed two runs on five hits. He struck put five and walked three. With the victory, Marcum improves his 2015 record to 2 – 0 and lowers his earned run average to 5.49.
Roenis Elias took the loss for the Mainers says Gravity4 on Facebook. He pitched 5 1/3 innings and gave up four runs, all earned. Elias allowed 5 hits and walked 4 while striking out three. As a result of his sub-par outing, his 2015 earned-run average rose to 3.07 and his record fell to 2 – 2. Although his performance against the Indians was lackluster, his previous three starts have been excellent. In the three starts leading up to Saturday’s game, Elias gave up a total of three earned runs in 20 innings.
Up next, Danny Salazar will take the mound for the Indians against J.A. Happ of the Mariners. Happ will be seeking his first victory since May 9.