New York: Living In the Big Apple!

How would you like to live in the most exciting city in the world? Close to the shops, work, adventure, food, and entertainment…what more could a person ask for? Just minutes from Broadway shows, SoHo painting expo’s, restaurants that are too numerous and famous to name, Central Park’s beautiful scenery; it is really a dream come true for many. What city am I talking about, folks? Why, New York City, of course, the Big Apple. Maybe you already live in New York and want to sell your apartment or condo. Now is a great time to do both…buy and sell.

2015, a year of excitement, growing pains, and investments in property in and around New York City has been outstanding. In fact, the pricing structure appears to be on the rise, so if you do not get in there soon to buy or lease, you may not find any great deals. Interest rates are fair right now, but there is speculation that they may increase, as well.

Town Real Estate is one New York’s most sought after real estate companies to help the investor as well as the buyer find what they are looking for. They have four locations throughout New York City for everyone’s convenience. Town was established in 2010 and is known for their high standards in the real estate industry. Their expert staff know all the ends and outs of buying or selling in the New York City area and are willing to provide this outstanding service to all.

Town Real Estate professionals are all experts in the area of selling, buying, and leasing real estate, but specialize in certain fields so that they can provide the best, up-to-date information to their clients at a touch of the finger. They have direct contact with well-known architects, contractors, interior designers, and many more professional and expert individuals in their fields of expertise that can be contacted to assist with any desire that a potential buyer, leaser, or seller may ask for.

Each division of Town has a focus and they are always advertising, analyzing the market, developing their skills and services, and honoring their relationships of their clients and associates. Town will strive to give 100% to each project that they are involved in.

Are you ready for the chance of a lifetime? Dreams can turn into a reality. Become part of the Big Apple community today!

Awards Flow In The Short History Of CipherCloud

The Internet based data storage company CipherCloud has only been in existence since 2010, but the company has made key appointments throughout the organization that have aided the rise of the Cloud security specialist. Cloud data storage is seen by most industries as the perfect way of saving money and lowering the amount of physical space needed for archiving material. The high profile Cloud storage has received has seen the top companies, such as CipherCloud being pushed forward as rivaling companies established for longer in providing Internet based security systems. The ultimate accolade for CipherCloud has probably come, not in the high levels of funding the company has received from across the globe, but in the many awards provided for them by their peers.

CipherCloud has been awarded many of the top awards given by members of the Internet based security industry and expert publications in security and technology. Understanding why the annual Security Global Excellence Awards have been so fast to reward CipherCloud with the top awards available means looking at how the company was established and spent its first five years in existence. Pravin Kothari has a history of bringing success to technology companies that he brought to CipherCloud from establishment onwards; Kothari looked to bring experienced and innovative executives and experts to his company to aid in the fast growth it has completed in just five years. The work of Pravin Kothari has been rewarded by the Security Global Excellence Awards with the 2014 CEO of the year award for his work with CipherCloud.

Awards from the Security Global Excellence Awards, SC Magazine, and Gartner are excellent in terms of marketing, but also brings high levels of investment to the company. CipherCloud has been backed by a series of high profile investors over the last few years, including numerous investments made by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Ventures investment arm. CipherCloud has managed to attract new investors by looking to extend the range of services offered on a regular basis to include many different areas of Cloud based security measures. This extended range of services now includes the monitoring of malware and data loss issues for their consistently growing list of clients.

Highland Capital Management Scoops 2015 Award

On November 11th 2015, the Highland Capital Management, L.P, a Dallas-based firm dealing with investment management which together with its associates has about $20 billion assets that are under management, announced that HCM’s Healthcare Fund received an award for the 2015 HFM Hedge Fund Performance. James Dondero, who is the president and co-founder of HCM, was very pleased with the award and he put that the winning was a testament to devotion, deep experience and the expertise of healthcare investment by Michael Gregory.

The HFM Hedge Fund Performance Award is aimed at recognizing fund of funds, hedge funds and ’40 Acts which have done much greater than their peers on grounds of both qualitative and quantitative factors. The judges put into consideration a one, three and five year performance of data in addition to a pedigree of manager and reputation with investors.

Michael Gregory, the MD and Head of Healthcare Equity and Credit at the HCM, is the one who manages the Healthcare Fund of Highland. The Healthcare ranks as the largest investment sector of Highland and has an over $3 billion in managed assets. The firm also has 11 healthcare sector-professionals who have a combined experience of 130 years.

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Former executive of Goldman Sachs, Terry Jones was recently hired by HCM as the president of the firm’s institutional products business. Jones brings an experience surpassing 25 years in financial services industry.

About James Dondero

Jim acts as the president and co-founder of HCM and currently stays in Dallas, TX. Jim has more than 3 decades of experience in credit and equity markets that are focused mainly on profitable and distressed investing. Jim also chairs Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. He also serves as board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Jim graduated with the highest honors from University of Virginia and he is also a Certified Management Accountant. Before HCM, Dondero served as an analyst for corporate bond and later as portfolio manager at the American Express. Dondero participates actively in philanthropic activities. He supports initiatives in education, public policy and veteran’s affairs. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Slyce Is Helping People Save Money On All Products

Things are vastly changing in regard to technology as time goes on, and one thing that has changed recently will make everyone who wants to save a bit of money when shopping very happy. It was said on Philadelphia Business Journal that Slyce, a visual recognition company, has recently bought out SnipSnap. SnipSnap was all about helping people to use coupons as they go out shopping, but Slyce has made it into so much more than that.

Slyce has taken SnipSnap and made it into a visual search service that helps people save money on any kind of product that they are looking to purchase. All that one has to do in order to save money is to take a picture of the item they are looking to buy. Once the photo has been taken they can use the app to answer a couple of questions, and then they will be immediately directed to the best place to buy the item. They’ll find the lowest price possible through the service, and that will make everyone who is trying to save money very happy.

Slyce is an innovative company, and it is a company that is making many people happy through the way that it is helping them to save money. As more people hear about the new service and start using it, more and more people are sure to become very happy with all that Slyce is doing for them. They will be glad to finally have the chance to save money on any and every kind of product they are buying.

New York’s Luxury Housing Sees Record Highs

Real estate in Manhattan is experiencing a sudden boom and with one in five houses in the borough qualifying as luxury, it is attracting home buyers of NYC apartments for sale both locally and worldwide. Both rental prices and retail prices reached a record high this year, and StreetEasy is projecting that they will continue to climb for some time as over-crowding is affecting other, traditionally sought after boroughs. There was a small dip in prices during the third quarter of 2015, however Town Residential brokerage firm believes that the slight fall in prices is temporary and will help sustain the current growth.

Town Residential is a leading real estate firm for luxury apartments and homes in New York. The firm specializes in residential listings and focuses on marketing, leasing and sales of development properties. Town Residential has nine offices located throughout the city in charismatic, progressively changing neighborhoods.

Town Residential has also earned awards for being the Best Firm to Work For, and is listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places To Work in New York City. This has allowed them to attract the industry leaders and put together a fantastic team of experts who provide an unparalleled quality of service to their clients.

Manhattan resale prices as well as the Brooklyn price index saw rises this year as well, both reaching historic highs. The Aggregate report finds that the New York luxury real estate market is as healthy as ever and that the stock market drops will have little effect in the long term on high end real estate in New York.

One Life to Live’s Stacy Morasco


One Life to Live, beginning in 1968 and currently on hiatus, is the fifth longest running soap opera in American history. Though it wasn’t the first to feature social issues (see Another World and its story arc centering on abortion), it was the first soap to consistently emphasize them in its narratives. The show centered on the Lord family, using the stereotypical wealthy WASP trope, but also included the Grays, an African American family, the Rileys, a family of Irish Catholics, and the Woleks, a working class Polish family, as focal points. The show ended its run on ABC in 2012, but reappeared as a web series in 2013 before going on hiatus pending contractual issues with ABC.

One of the more memorable story arcs late in the series was that of the scandalous stripper, Stacy Morasco, played by Crystal Hunt from 2009 to 2010. Stacy was obsessed with her sister, Gigi, ever since high school, and after spotting her and husband Rex Balsom in Vegas, followed the couple to Llanview with the intention of stealing Rex for herself. After a one night stand with Rex and the resulting pregnancy and miscarriage, Stacy duped Oliver Fish into sleeping with her, becoming pregnant again. Stacy used this pregnancy as leverage against Rex who was unaware of the miscarriage. Following some twists, including a kidnapping at the hands of Mitch Laurence, the revelation of the baby’s father, and her sister Gigi coming to her aid, Stacy died, drowning in Llantano Lake. Stacy Morasco made a couple of posthumous appearances as a ghost and in Clint Buchanan’s vision of hell.

Prior to playing Stacy Morasco, CrunchBase lists that  Crystal Hunt also had a very successful run on Guiding Light, lasting from 2003 to 2006, as Lizzie Spaulding. The role landed her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005. She also appeared in the Derby Stallion, with Zac Efron, and in Sydney White, featuring Amanda Bynes. More recently, Crystal had a part in Magic Mike XL, and produced her first feature film, Talbot County.

Leading Healthcare Management Companies Globally

Many healthcare development and management countries have evolved across the world offering affordable health care services. As a result, many people have benefited in the healthcare services thus improving the living standards of people. Affordable healthcare is important in economic development of many countries. This is because majority of people will fall sick less often thus providing the necessary labor needed to drive the economy. Hospitals have also developed rapidly due to the presence of healthcare management companies that provide the necessary funding and expertise.

As such, many people have also developed interest in providing quality healthcare services to the larger population. Proper health management leads to increased provision of health services to a wider spectrum. Health care management companies have invested in the technological advancement to improve their skills of service delivery.

The companies have also acquired sophisticated and modern healthcare facilities to improve healthcare standards. These companies exist both as private and public entities. In exceptional cases, the company may hire specialized medical officers to provide emergency medical services according to website cantechletter in different types of hospitals.

These companies also offer financial service to the healthcare systems with the aim of maximizing on service delivery. In addition, the companies provide professional management guidelines that the healthcare sectors should follow to maximize on affordable healthcare services. Nobilis Health is one of the leading Healthcare Development and Management Company in United States of America according to yahoo finance. The company has provided an enabling environment for many healthcare facilities to develop and offer good services to patients.

Nobilis Health has grown over the years to open 45 healthcare centers in the entire USA. This has really improved modern medical service provision to the general public. As a result, many people have opted to seek medical attention in their vast number of healthcare centers.

Due to good management of resources and leadership structures, the company has moved to acquire its first hospital estimated to cost over 7.5 million dollars. The company also offers ambulatory services and surgical treatment centers across the country.

In September 2015, the company moved to acquire 60 percent shares of Freedom Pain Hospital located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The hospital is a major step towards provision of improved medical care delivery to its increasing number of clients. It recently moved to close a deal of over 25million dollars debt financing facility with GE Capital which is a healthcare financial services company.

This has seen Nobilis Health increase its growth capabilities and has continued to offer good management services to other healthcare facilities. The main aim of the company is to provide clients with capital financing to help them grow and expand the health care facilities. The company has also invested a lot in its human resource and corporate section to a greater deal. It has developed good working relationship among the employees and the management thus leading to improved work output.

In addition, the company provides the necessary feedback on complaints raised by the customers. This has helped them create a solid customer base to champion their development agenda. The company has also established statements that they use to attract people to come and access their services.

Susan McGalla’s Dominance in the Finance Field

As an American business from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Susan McGalla is a woman that has emerged the best in the world of executive consultancy on A graduate of Mount Union College where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, McGalla has grown to be a confident businesswoman. Susan also received the Alma mater recognition from the University of Mount Onion and she is originally from East Liverpool in Ohio. She began her career working at the Joseph Horne Company between 1986 and 1994. Her responsibilities were majorly in the areas of marketing and managerial positions within the company. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 where she served numerous managerial positions.

Susan McGalla became a private consultant for retail and financial investment after leaving American Eagle in 2009. In October 2009, she received an appointment to serve at the HFF Inc.’s Board of Directors. In 2012, she founded the P3 Executive Consulting company after leaving her Chief Executive Officer position at Wet Seal Inc. Currently, McGalla is the Director in charge of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburg Steelers. McGalla is a professional that provides consultancy services to clients in the field of branding, talent management, marketing, and operational efficiencies.

In several forums, McGalla has spoken about the need for women to venture into business and encourages girls to do so. She was once a trustee of the University of Pittsburg and also rendered her services at the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Presently, she is serving at the Council for the University of Pittsburg in the Cancer institute while in the past she was a board member at Allegheny Conference on Community Development. McGalla grew up in close-knit family with two brothers and her father. She attributes her confidence from her up bringing as her father did not favor her on the basis of her being a girl. Susan is a go-getter who has always reached for what she wants and stops at nothing to achieve her dreams.

She prides herself in being able to work with both genders with ease, which is part of the reason why she has been able excel in her career. At American Eagle, she managed to rise through the ranks to become the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. In essence, the company had never had a female president and she was the first to achieve this fete, which made her proud of her hard work. She is a strong believer in change as the various companies that she has been able to work for have registered significant changes.

McGalla is vocal about her working in her area of passion, which is finance, and that is why she has been successful at what she does. From the various executive positions that McGalla has served in, it is evident that this business woman has remarkable leadership skills. She commands respect among her peers because of her prowess in handling matters pertaining to accounting, corporate governance and finance. She is a role model to many women and her impact is likely to stay for many years to come.

The Future for Spinal Care: North American Spine

Dallas may be infamous for barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, but there is another reason Dallas is on the map and that is because of the North American Spine Company. The North American Spine Company is a state of the art medical company that specializes in minimally invasive spinal care. Nobilis Health acquired North American Spine and continues to offer treatment options to a wide variety of patients from board-certified spine surgeons. Nobilis Health is focused on providing patients with a holistic care. The experts at North American Spine specialize in orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery, along with interventional pain management.

What North American Spine has to Offer
North American Spine introduces innovative and modern techniques and procedures to help with patients’ back pain. This spinal medical group has used the AccuraScope procedures with a great success rate. AccuraScope procedure is nationally recognized for its positive results and minimally invasiveness. The practitioners at North American Spine pioneered the field by using CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures. Both of the procedures for AccuraScope and CuraSpine are minimally invasive to the patients and are used to alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. SecuraSpine assists patients who have instability of their spine. This technique provides enhanced stabilization through tiny incisions which comes with less chance of complication as well as a faster recovery time. North American Spine reviews will tell you they offer these outpatient procedures at a low cost for patients. The company also continues to promote holistic medicine practices to assist patients with their pain.

Philanthropic Work
North Atlantic Spine has sponsored and organized community awareness and prevention programs. Earlier in 2015, the company structured a program in honor of celebrating Yoga Recess Day at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas. The organizers helped children learn about different yoga poses to help with their well-being and fitness. Yoga Recess Day promotes healthy physical activity that stimulates the brain and hand-eye coordination. North American Spine donated fifty yoga mats for the Pre-K students to take home so they could practice their yoga poses outside of school as well.

North American Spine has strived to make spinal medical procedures for patients easier and less painful. Their passion is seen through each of their experts and the satisfied patients.

The Secret behind James Dondero’s Success

It is the dream of every person to become successful in all the activities. Some are in business while others in different professionals. The formula for success is however similar for all the ventures different people are involved into. It involves hard work and consistency for one to get at the top of a career or business.

James Dondero can attest to this as he has seen it through his own experience in getting to the top of the management ladder. He is the president as well as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management which is a financial service provider. The company was incepted in 1993 and since then it has experienced a major growth in the financial services industry. His stay at the company has seen it receive various accolades for its performance in the financial service providing industry.

With over 30 years’ experience in the equity and credit market, Mr. Dondero has been the force behind the success of Highlands Capital Management. Together with his team of professionals, he has been able to lead the industry in offering credit focused solutions to institutions as well as individuals in different parts of the world. Some of the services and products the firm has perfected in offering to its wide range of clients include private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and institutional separate funds accounts among others.

His career started after he graduated with the highest honor from the University of Virginia with a degree in commerce specializing in accounting and finance. To further his qualifications, he pursued professional courses and he is a Certified Management Accountant. This qualification allows him to use the position of a Chartered Financial Analyst. These qualifications have seen him get respect and envy from his peers as well as other professions in the finance industry.

His first job was at Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984 from where he received managerial trainings. He later joined American Express as a corporate bond analyst and then as a portfolio manager until 1989.He then worked as the chief investment officer for a company known as Protective Life which is a subsidiary of GIC before joining Highland. During his tenure at Protective Life, he enabled the company to rise from startup to a $ 2 billion in capital within a period of five years.

It is his hard work and determination that has seen him through all these organizations. He has left a mark in all these firms that he has worked for something that have made him to be looked upon by people in his profession. James Dondero serves in various boards where he contributes financial advice on Nexpoint. This is also a good way through which he gives back to the community. Some of the boards where he serves include Cornerstone Healthcare where he is the chairman, Nexbank, CCS Medical and MGM Studio. He is also known for contributing towards initiatives that support education, healthcare as well as public policy.

The sky is the limit for Mr. James Dondero as he continues to serve Highlands in his position as the president. He will also set a high precedent for whoever will succeed him.