How Experience and Commitment Spells Rodrigo Terpins’ Success Trail

Before a decade ago, Rodrigo Terpins was just like any other rally driver struggling to shine in this competitive line of sport. He always put a spirited fight in each of the competitions that he participated in Brazil. With his focus glued on winning and becoming an outstanding rally driver, he became an avid participant in the annual Sertoes Rally Championship recording improvements in each event. In 2002, his brother Michel Terpins registered in the championship in the motor cycle category where he performed reasonably by making it to the second round of events. To the surprise of many of his fans, he just switched into the T1 Prototype category joining Rodrigo Terpins as a navigator. Together they formed the Bull Sertoes Team which became a powerhouse in the event. In the 20th edition of the event in 2006, they won their first event with leads in the remaining stages of the 26000 kilometer-event.

Teaming Up with Fabricio Bianchini

Winning this championship in that year was a motivation to Rodrigo having put in a lot of efforts amidst the many accomplished rally drivers across Brazil. His fame in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship was also on the rise due to the duo’s commitment to the sport. After the 21st edition of the Sertoes Championship, Michel teamed up with an experienced navigator, Maykel Justo as Rodrigo teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini. In the 22nd edition of the event, their new combination earned them a top 5 finish amidst the various challenges that existed in the event. Rodrigo and his counterpart managed to cruise their T-Rex model past the rugged terrains in the mountainous parts of Brazil.

More Achievements

Coming to the 25th edition of the event was a pleasant occasion as they banked on their previous success and experiences to enable them better their chances of winning the event. Indeed they managed to win 2 out of the possible four stages of the rally, with an average time of 13 hours 50 minutes and 45 seconds for the events. It was one of Rodrigo Terpins’ most outstanding over the years as their nearest competitors were a distant 2 hours away from their comfortable finish.

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