His Dad Is Making Noise

Dwayne Wades dad made a lot of noise this past weekend. This noise started by him attending church and giving a wonderful sermon. Though his sermon was calm and peaceful, something shouted to the congregation. Boraie Development said that this was the shirt Dwayne’s dad was wearing. It was a Cavalier shirt.

There were people who did not think anything of this shirt. However, several people believed that this may be a sign. This may be a hint that Dwayne Wade will be moving from Miami Heat to Cleveland. There is nothing set in stone yet, but sources say Dwayne Wade still considers he and Lebron to be the best duo of all time.

Fans everywhere are giving their opinion on this matter. Those in Miami do not want Dwayne Wade to leave. They feel that it’s enough they lost Lebron. They don’t want to lose Dwayne, too. He is one of the best players on the team. Without, the team does not seem to function properly.

On the other side of things, the fans in Cleveland would love to have Dwayne Wade on their side. After losing the NBA finals, the fans in Cleveland have felt down. However, this news has made them feel life again. They believe if Dwayne Wade comes to Cleveland the Cavaliers are sure to make the finals again. This time, however, the odds will be in their favor to win the series.

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