Greg Secker Helps Others Gain Financial Freedom

Greg Secker is a philanthropist who is out to help those less fortunate around the world. He has not always been a philanthropist and what he started out doing, it was involved in agriculture and food science. While he was studying at the university, Greg became interested in other areas such as computers. Greg became interested in older programs and how to code them. By becoming a nerd, so to speak, he was offered an interview position with the Thomas Cook Financial Services business.

Greg attended a job fair through the university and after speaking with someone from Thomas Cook, Greg was encouraged to apply to interview at the corporation and after interviewing, Greg took the position. Once he began working there, Greg was asked to join the team working on the currency trading floor of the Virtual Trading Desk which he did to begin the first currency trading program. It was during this time that Greg was around a large number of traders who helped him to learn strategies into coding of the computer programs which would help others to learn how to trade properly and effectively.

Once Greg made a good amount of money from the trading, he opted to retire. Once Greg began sitting around home and had nothing better to do, he decided to attend a seminar. It was while sitting through the seminars that he knew that he was able to do the same thing and to help others learn how to trade successfully.

Greg decided that he wanted to do more than simply help to build someone up and make them feel good for a few moments. He knew that he wanted to use his knowledge to help others learn something that would help them to gain financial freedom. He has gained attention through all of his seminars around the world and with his help, many have gained the freedom they needed to live the life they always wanted.

Greg started the Greg Secker Foundation which helps to teach the young generation the skills they need to be successful in life at an early age. He helps them to shape the way their lives will go and will help them to learn to be successful before failing at age 35.

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