Glen Wakeman: Explaining Points in Business Management

Eager to help entrepreneurs running their small-time businesses, Glen Wakeman decided to establish Nova Four. Nova Four is a firm specializing in helping business people succeed. Glen Wakeman was a financial executive for nearly 21 years, and he wanted to share the knowledge that he gained through years of working for some corporations. He is the current president of the company, and he is responsible for overseeing how Nova Four performs and if it provides what their clients wanted. Nova Four, aside from providing financial and entrepreneurial advice to business owners, also offers direct access to funding and other monetary assistance. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

Through the years of operation, Nova Four has already helped thousands of business owners in managing their companies. Glen Wakeman has been conducting seminars and meetings with small-time business owners, teaching them a variety of techniques and technical know-how on how to run their business. Based on his experiences, Glen Wakeman managed to formulate a five-point rule in managing and developing a small enterprise. He managed to develop these points when he thought that there are no hopes for him to be a successful entrepreneur. But he was wrong because he would go on as one of the most successful financial executives that the world has seen, and he would also become the head of the firm he founded. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

During his meet-ups with his clients who wanted to learn the secrets of business, he would always emphasize his five-point rule. These are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Glen Wakeman believes that a business must be able to balance all of these points so that they can become successful. He told his clients that a company must have an excellent and brilliant leadership because these leaders would serve as the captain of the ship, and every failure of the business can be attributed on how the captain decided to run his boat. Human capital is equally important, as this refers to the employees working for the company, and the constant need to please them. Execution is defined as how efficient the human capital works, and how they can take the business in a positive light. Risk management tells of the company’s capability to face any challenges, and governance is how everything is being run from the top to the bottom.


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