Fabletics Has Successfully Taken Over the Market by Putting the Customer Preferences First

One of the bigwigs in the fashion e-commerce platform is Amazon, controlling about 20 percent of the market. This fact didn’t deter Kate Hudson from taking the plunge with her athleisure brand, Fabletics. Days are gone when customers purchased a brand for its quality and price. Going an extra mile by enhancing customer experience through creating convenient procedures and shipment services entices the customers. Modern clients are also delighted by good designs.


Better Experience


By getting customers to sign up for membership, the company can give a more tailor-made service at a discount. The subscription approach adopted by Fabletics has helped in establishing lasting relationships. Fabletics has a lifestyle quiz that helps customers to know their best outfit. Enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in the quiz. By putting into account the online data provided by the members, the company stocks products according to their preferences. These products are also found in the physical stores. The effectiveness of the approach has been manifested in the 250-million dollar growth in just three years. More retail stores are also underway for Fabletics.


Winning Traits


Fabletics recently signed a strategic partnership with Demi Lovato. One of the key drivers in Fabletics is women empowerment. Without considering their size, shape, or age, Fabletics delights in bringing out the best in women. Demi noted his admiration of the trait during the partnership launch at Beverly Hills Hotel recently. Kate Hudson has surely outdone herself with the company, considering that she didn’t have a background in business. Her friendly and active nature made her the first choice to run Fabletics by the founders. She has successfully applied a hands-on approach in running the company. She is always on the lookout for latest trends. A week doesn’t pass without her checking on the sales, and she can easily pick out the slow moving goods. She has been the number one advocate for the company’s products as she is often spotted in them.


Breaking Through


Starting out for Fabletics was not a smooth sail. According to the President Gregg Throgmartin, they had to wait half a year to get the quality right. Kate Hudson’s subscription approach also faced some challenges. Concerns were raised about the preferred products being sold out. Kate came up with a better inventory control mechanism and enhanced the customer care division. The approach combined with support from the parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, has seen the company record high growth rate. Fabletics grew 43 percent from 2015 to 2016 and sales are estimated to hit 250 million dollars this year. Members have reached 1.2 million while retail growth has grown tremendously.

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