David Lee: Thanks for the Ring, Trade Me

David Lee’s career in Golden State ended in such a bizarre way. The 32 year old forward was an All star in New York, at his height averaging 21 points and 10 boards, before coming to Golden State. Despite struggling with injuries for two of his five years in Golden State, Lee was still an 18 points and 10 rebound threat every time he got on the floor. That is until Draymond Green came around and shook up the Warrior rotation. Now Lee is an NBA Champion but he only played a total of 10 minutes in the final two games of the series, contributing two total points. Lee is a free agent and will be leaving the team.

While we are sure David Lee loved being on the Warriors it is hard to be taken seriously when you can’t get any minutes. Lee became the odd man out in the rotation once Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green got healthy enough to handle the burden. Mareese Speights even leap frogged the former All Star.

The Warriors, understanding Lee’s frustration with his restricted role, have agreed to help facilitate a move that would put Lee in a place that he could garner some minutes. Lee and Boraie Development LLC said he is schedule to make over $15 million dollars next year and there is no way that he will be allowed to just sit on the Warriors bench while making that cash. Golden State will now peruse a trade.

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