Traveling Vineyard 101

The Traveling Vineyard is both bold and unique in its overall sales model and approach as well as in its current success and popularity. As an expert in the wine selling and promotional business, it certainly knows how to keep customers coming back for more, all while not losing the existing customers, clients and business partners. This company also employs numerous fundraising, promotion and sales experts every day and offers countless opportunities for an extra paycheck. Whether one is seeking to make an extra source of income through part-time or commissions work, seeking to try new or old wines from around the world, or even a bit of both, The Traveling Vineyard can accommodate all wine needs.

The Traveling Vineyard believes that knowledge is the key to everything. Knowledge is power, and power is unstoppable. A thorough knowledge of different wines and wine products or services is an essential for any potential employee or seller of The Traveling Vineyard products. All training, guidance and supervision are provided to any that are willing to work for it. Bonuses and incentives are always offered to the best in the business as well, and in time, anyone can garnish a healthy abundance of sales for the company.

Facebook Information and More

“Since our first free home wine tasting in November 2001, we’ve seen our independent Wine Guides achieve amazing things, both for themselves and the countless people they’ve guided through evenings of fun, friendship, and flavorful wine. The home-based business model gives our Guides the power….”

The Facebook also has approximately 34,000 people that like it and 32,000 that follow it. The phone number and website address, as well as a messaging option for further questions or comments, is available on this page. A link to the Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages may be found on the right tabs. Notes, photo contests and over 100 videos are scattered throughout the Facebook page. One may also comment, post, re-post, re-comment or share any video or photo that is posted on the timeline.

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Success Kits: Can You Sell Success in a Kit?

Each seller is equipped with a Success Kit. It includes two tasting sets and a wine carrier as well as wine accessories with a carrying box. Tasting glasses, a sommology kit, marketing materials and business documents are also included.

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