How Uncontrolled Wikipedia Edits Can Damage Your Brand

One thing online users must learn is that the internet has savages. A case in point is when the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce broke. The internet was awash with tweets and comments. Many of them though it was funny used the information as a punch line to mock others including Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston.

Marion Cotillard Wiki Savage

Marion Cotillard is a victim of internet savaging. Someone changed altered her page to suit the drama surrounding her name. Sadly the rumor was that Marion is having an affair with Brad Pitt leading to the divorce rumors. Although the rumors are yet to be confirmed, that hasn’t, in any way stopped the internet from hacking her profile.

The page was edited two times with the first Wikipedia edits changing Marion’s profile to say the reasons behind the power couple’s breakup. It got worse in the second vandalism; the hacker changed her job title to indicate that other than being an actress and singer, Marion was also a cheater. Thankfully Wikipedia editors caught the malicious edits in time to change it back before too much damage was done to your reputation. Marion and Brad Pitt are starring in the movie ‘Allied’ which is set to hit the cinema halls in come November. However, with such rumors all over the internet, the film might just assume a whole new meaning.

About Wikipedia

Having a good profile on Wikipedia is a great way to boost your brand, image, or business. It gives you a chance to form a healthy relationship with your clients, audience, and even contributors to the site. Wikipedia is an online platform established in 2001 and stands as the world’s most popular site. Wiki offers readers with information about subjects and has millions of articles in English. It has been edited by thousands of contributors and editors with a guest presence of five hundred million ever month.

The Benefits You Get When You MakeĀ a Wikipedia Page

Your brand or business must have attracted an enormous amount of popularity and accomplishment to feature on Wikipedia. Such comes from having significant media exposure and coverage. Some of the benefits of having a wiki page include:

Building trust and confidence in your brand and people tend to take you more seriously. It shows you have a higher level of experience in your field.

Likewise, it attracts more traffic to your site as people search for information daily. It boosts your sales and brand name especially if you are new in the field.

With more leads, your ranking in the search engines also increases which translates to more sales and exposure.