The Wizards Aren’t the Same Without Wall

When John Wall was playing college basketball, he was touted as the next big thing in the sport, the next big-time NBA star. He has perhaps not become LeBron James, but he has become an All Star in his own right, and he’s carried the Washington Wizards to the playoffs. However, he was recently sidelined for Game Two against the Atlanta Hawks, and it showed that Wizards just are not the same team without him. They fell in the game, tying the series at one game each.

LinkedIn reports that while it was perhaps not a blowout, it was a significant win, with the Hawks taking the game by 16 points. That’s a pretty big swing from the Wizards victory in Game One. If Wall is not able to come back quickly, it looks like this series could be all but over for the team.

This really shows one of the biggest problems in the NBA, which is that stars are able to carry teams to wins, but the teams may not be as good as they need to be around those stars. This works while the star in question is healthy and playing well, but it’s a disaster if he is ever injured.