Doctor Sergio Cortes on the Zika Virus

Dr. Sergio Cortes is very concerned about the amount of misinformation being spread about the zika virus. Therefore, he has published an informative blog on the subject. He points out that news about the zika virus is in the news, it has actually existed since the 1940s in Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda. From there it spread throughout Asia, especially in India and Thailand. By 2015, it was found in nine Latin American countries.
In Brazil, the number of cases in Brazil has risen dramatically. It has now been diagnosed 1,200 times across 14 states. The majority of cases are seen in the northeast part of Brazil.
The zika virus causes very few complications in most people. Most people feel like they have the flu with its accompanying fever and muscle pain. In some cases, a person also develops a rash. In these cases, a person can take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Aspirin is not recommended as it can cause internal bleeding. In most cases, the symptoms will disappear in three to five days. In fact, most people recover even if they do not seek medical treatment. Zika is not contagious.
The problem exasperates itself if a woman is pregnant. The virus can cause microcephaly. It is vital to remember that microcephaly does not occur in all cases. Women may want to seek medical care in Brazil at Focuza or at the Evando Chagas Institute.
Doctor Cortes has posted a very informative article on microcephaly on his Facebook page. In that article, published on Globo, the author says that almost all children with microcephaly have diminished cognitive problems. They also have a higher incidence of seizures and a higher incidence of neurological problems.
Doctors are seeing a different type of microcephaly when it is caused by the zita virus. These babies are born with a higher incidence of vision and hearing problems. There is also a higher rate of joint problems.
The current situation is leaving many people frustrated. The best advice is to protect yourself when you may encounter mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves to minimize the chance of being bitten. When possible, avoid being outside at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.
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