Thor Halvorsen and the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is an impartial profitless structure that advocates and safeguards human rights pandemic ally with direct emphasis on closed societies, and merges people in the prevailing cause, of guarding human rights and advancing liberal democracy.
Their undying aim is to safeguard the fact that basic freedom is precious,conserved and defended throughout the universe.
Their embedded commitment to individual liberty strives to raise consciousness about the susceptibility of freedom, their focal point is on the founding ideals of the human rights evolution,especially those most vividly embodied in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil Rights (ICCPR)
Their agenda supplies education about what establishes a free culture,why freedom is of the utmost importance,how freedom is cultivated and preserved,and to continue the efforts for liberty in those regions that are the most perilous.
They do not excuse or agree with violence.
The Human Rights Foundation was integrated in 2005, and opened its offices in New York in 2006.
The president of HRF is Thor Halvorssen, a human rights crusader and film producer.
He was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza in 1976, in Venezuela, whose mother Hilda Mendoza is the ancestor of Venezuela’s first two presidents, Cristobal Mendoza and Simon Bolivar.
His father Thor Halvorssen,served as Venezuelan Ambassador of Anti-Narcotics-Affairs in the governing body of Carlos Andres Perez.
Thor Halvorssen has made substantial contributions in the realm of public policy interest, protagonism,respective human rights, civil liberties and affirmative democratic ideology.
In August 2007, the New York Times has classified him as a “maverick” who inspires the underdog and the low powered.
Thor Halvorssen possesses a burning, thriving desire to correct the injustices in this world and has totally committed himself to this endeavor, with relentless intensity to equal that of the dictatorship he embedded in his sights, furthermore he does not concern himself if those injustices are being formulated by “right or left wing” extremists.
On December 18, 2015 the HRH requested that Nicki Minaj cancel her appearance at the Christmas festival in Angola, sponsored by Unitel,because Unitel is a communications enterprise controlled by the family of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who is considered to be a political tyrant by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization.
HRH further acknowledges that the money that she received from her Angolian constituents, is the effect of government corruption and human rights violations.
Despite critical appraisal, Nicki Minaj performed anyway.