Raising A Healthy Puppy With Beneful Premium Food

My wife and I got our first puppy from the pound the other day. We have been talking about getting a dog to bring home into our little circle for a few months, so it was a well planned decision. We wanted a puppy so that we could teach it while it is young, but we didn’t want to go to a pet store, so we waited until there was a puppy that we got along with at the pound. The puppy we picked out is adorable, and he’s smart. We talked to the veterinarian about which foods to feed him, and the vet recommended that we look into premium dog food brands before any other.

My wife likes to do research on everything before making her decisions, which is a great thing, and it balances out my usual impulsive nature that I have when it comes to making these types of decisions. She found an article from the Daily Herald that she showed to me about premium dog food companies like Beneful. The article does a great job at showing what life is like in a premium dog food manufacturing facility, and it makes me respect foods that come out of the premium dog food warehouses.

The dog food that we decided to go with is from a company called Beneful. You probably heard of Beneful before, and I’m sure that you have heard of their parent company, Purinastore. Purina is a well known company in the pet food world, so it is easy to trust them when they make quality foods. The ingredients in Beneful are high quality, so it makes me and my wife feel better about what we are doing to raise our little puppy. We want to keep making these well informed decisions on his behalf the whole time we have him.

Beneful makes a puppy food that has real chicken in it. It also has other natural ingredients, so you know it is good for your dog. They make dry food for adult dogs that have real chicken as well. Here is the Daily Herald’s article.