Talkspace Puts Therapy in the Palm of Your Hand


With all of today’s modern advances, it’s not inconceivable to think that there is an app for just about anything imaginable; Talkspace is a prime example this fact. If you haven’t heard of the Talkspace app, it is a revolutionary concept that places therapy in the palm of your hands. Founded in 2012, the online therapy company, which is based in New York City, allows user connect with a licensed therapist online, as opposed to in-office sessions.

Talkspace allows users to consult with a therapist regarding an array of mental health concerns, without feeling the insecurities typically associated with one on one counseling sessions. Although some may argue that technology shouldn’t be used in place of “real” therapy sessions, many clients have praised its convenience, and have credited the service with helping them regain normalcy in their lives.

Who should be using this app? Currently, the majority of the company’s client base is comprised of those seeking couple’s counseling, but it’s available to anyone who may simply want to address issues that have become problematic in their lives. The cost associated with the app is nominal when compared to one on one session, and users are free to choose how they will communicate with their therapist. Talkspace allows users to communicate via voice messaging, video, or by text; additionally, users would only be paired with therapists that are trained to handle their specific mental health concern.

Let’s face it, times are changing, and the way we manage our lives is changing as well. Although seeking help from a therapist doesn’t have the same stigma that it once had, many people still harbor some reservations when it comes to getting the help that they need. Talkspace makes it possible for people, who would otherwise forgo counseling, to truly get the help.