Sentient AI Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience Significantly Using Next Generation AI Technology

The world of e-commerce retailing has been expanding at a massive pace, and many companies have joined the rat race to grab the significant market share of this multi-billion dollar industry. Majority of the customers are shopping online or are at least buying most of their essentials, whether it is groceries or fashion or just about anything else, online. The companies understand that the focus should be not only in delivering good products, but also an enhanced shopping interface and experience. It is what would help the customers feel loyal towards an e-commerce site and make them repeat customers.

The e-commerce companies are using advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance the customer experience by providing them the list of relevant products to look from when browsing through the e-commerce site. As the website of the e-commerce company is their online shop, it is essential that browsing through the store should be made more interactive as well as personalized. And, it is precisely what the artificial intelligence helps in achieving because it takes into the account the browsing and purchasing history of the user and processes large sets of data to conclude what the customers might want to buy or not. Artificial intelligence does taste profiling of the customers as per their past orders and as per the products they have viewed. It helps in determining the styles and the products that the customers might be interested in.

When you visit any of the e-commerce sites these days, it shows you recommended products that are the kinds you would want to buy. The site manages to grasp such information with the use of artificial intelligence. The e-commerce companies understand that e-commerce customer experience needs to be enhanced and polished to ensure that customers do not get swayed away by the competition. Artificial intelligence also helps in increasing the e-commerce customer experience by reminding them of buying products timely, which is applicable for replenish able products like food, drinks, skin care, and personal care products.

Sentient AI is one of the leading technology companies in the world today that helps the companies take their e-commerce technology to another level with the use of their AI technology and products. Sentient AI has some futuristic AI-based products that help with improving the customer experience at the site while also aiding with improving the efficiency of the site for seamless functioning. The company believes that artificial intelligence technology is paving the way for futuristic e-commerce technology for better consumer experience. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

Eric Pulier: Using Technology to Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges

Mr. Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has founded over 15 companies. The astonishing thing is that Mr. Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars for all the businesses that he has either founded or co-founded. Besides that, he is a skilled public speaker, author, and a philanthropist. He occasionally gives talks during premier technology conferences, all over the globe. Besides business, he takes care of his four children, and together they live in Los Angeles, CA.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Mr. Pulier incepted his first company in 1991, and it focused on addressing education and healthcare challenges using technology. Three years down the line, he set up Interactive Agency Digital Evolution Digital. His star continued shining as he went ahead and incepted Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Additionally, he has also invested in organizations such as eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, and Trident Capital. To protect his innovations, Mr. Pulier has filed for several patents, and the federal government has already granted many of them.

Educational Background

Mr. Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High school, and successfully graduated in 1984. Afterward, he enrolled at Harvard University and studied English and American literature. During his college life, he served as an author for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, a weekly column known as PulierLeg. He displayed his writing skills using this platform and received numerous accolades and high ratings from the readers.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Mr. Pulier’s presence is hugely felt in works of charity. He has developed innovative technological solutions structured to solve social and economic problems for disadvantaged individuals globally. He pocketed awards and recognition for his efforts of using technology to address health care needs among African communities.

Mr. Pulier played a significant role in the Clinton Global Initiative – he took part in providing cheap computing resources to under-served communities. Mr. Pulier is an active donor of the XPRIZE Foundation. This foundation specializes in designing and managing public competitions for the purpose of encouraging technological development to benefit humanity. The organization orchestrates competitions in which companies and corporations from all niches participate in the development of innovative ideas to help solve common problems that humanity encounters.

Slyce Is Helping People Save Money On All Products

Things are vastly changing in regard to technology as time goes on, and one thing that has changed recently will make everyone who wants to save a bit of money when shopping very happy. It was said on Philadelphia Business Journal that Slyce, a visual recognition company, has recently bought out SnipSnap. SnipSnap was all about helping people to use coupons as they go out shopping, but Slyce has made it into so much more than that.

Slyce has taken SnipSnap and made it into a visual search service that helps people save money on any kind of product that they are looking to purchase. All that one has to do in order to save money is to take a picture of the item they are looking to buy. Once the photo has been taken they can use the app to answer a couple of questions, and then they will be immediately directed to the best place to buy the item. They’ll find the lowest price possible through the service, and that will make everyone who is trying to save money very happy.

Slyce is an innovative company, and it is a company that is making many people happy through the way that it is helping them to save money. As more people hear about the new service and start using it, more and more people are sure to become very happy with all that Slyce is doing for them. They will be glad to finally have the chance to save money on any and every kind of product they are buying.