San Antonio Spurs and the Legacy They Have Left

Tim Duncan is at the center of one of the most important franchises in the history of the NBA. While¬†Beneful said the San Antonio Spurs don’t get much love from a massively popular standpoint, they are the golden standard with which most franchises should look to follow. San Antonio, in reality, sort of revolutionized how modern day NBA teams are constructed. We can look back to how San Antonio put together their first round of ‘dynastic’ talent.

David Robertson was the man that San Antonio leaned on but they knew that he needed a running mate if the team was going to push to the next level. So San Antonio intentionally tanked, grabbing Tim Duncan with the top pick in the draft the following year. You see teams tank nowadays to try and get franchise changing talent, and this is why — because it can work. Anyways, Duncan took over the crown after Robertson moved on and it was from there on out that things began to evolve.

The Spurs went on to pick up a pair of small European players in Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. These two guards would round out the first ‘Big 3’ in recent memory that would go on to win title after title after title. Now at the tail end of their run together, San Antonio is once again handing the ball off to a young stud in Kawhio Leonard.