Life’s Getting Better for Squaw Valley and her People

The past few years have been difficult for Squaw Valley Ski Resort, but there seems to be some relief sweeping in, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal, which posted an article last December discussing some of their troubles.

When operating a resort that depends on high snows and cool weather, there are a couple dangers that come your way. For Squaw Valley Resort, those dangers were both natural and man-made.

There was a major league drought that they struggled through, but the end came when Mother Nature dropped a serious set of storms and cold temperatures on their heads. This permitted the Resort to open earlier than they usually do, increasing attendance and revenue.

On the man-made front, the backers of an Incorporation effort to battling over the Olympic Valley, where the Resort resides, have formerly withdrawn their attempts. This comes as a great relief to Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, who says that to let it happen would have resulted in long-term disaster. According to Wirth, incorporation would have isolated the Olympic Valley from it’s neighbors, who pool together resources in hard times. It could have also resulted in higher taxes on businesses and residents, and decreased the services that the locals depend on, like road maintenance and snow plowing.

Although Wirth is CEO, he’s not afraid to get down in the snow with the employees. In one episode of Undercover Boss (Season 4, Episode 11), Wirth can be seen as an employee of his own company, teaching little kids to snow board and shoveling mountains of the fluffy white stuff with the terrain crew. He also sits on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Board of Trustees, where he was appointed back in 2013, and brings to the table his experience as a back-country ranger in the Rocky Mountain Natural Park, his time as a wildlife firefighter, and more than twenty five years in resort management.

But these are just some of the things Andy Wirth gets up to in his waking hours. Wirth likes to sky-dive. However in 2013, tragedy struck when one of his jumps landed him in a vineyard; easily one of the worst places to stop a jump. Wirth nearly lost his arm and his life in the landing, and it was only with the care of some very talented surgeons and therapists, as well as considerate friends and family, that Wirth survives to this day.

Wirth is well on the mend, and sights that training for the Ironman triathlon has been key to that. He also attributes part of his recovery to a meeting with Navy SEALS training in Squaw Valley, and their friendship. For them, he runs the Ironman.

Efforts to Incorporate Olympic Valley Suspended As New Season Begins

An Invigorating Season

Andy Wirth, the Chief Executive Officer of scenic Squaw Valley Ski, this year contemplates an exciting time at the lovely California ski resort near Lake Tahoe. Long a magnet for lovers of outdoor sports, the communities along the northern banks of Lake Tahoe recently celebrated the return to an early winter ski season, following four difficult years of droughts.

The renewal of ski slope activity recently accompanied the end of another potentially difficult time in the lives of many residents of this beautiful area. Blessed with outstanding scenery, some residents considered the efforts to incorporate the Olympic Valley very divisive. They feared the movement would jeopardize local business and community ventures in the region. The group endeavoring to incorporate the valley reportedly officially withdrew from that undertaking just recently.

Opposing Incorporation

Many of the local communities clustered along the California side of northern Lake Tahoe share extensive resources with one another. Some local people had expressed concern that efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley might imperil that high level of responsiveness. Andy Wirth had termed the effort a “recipe” for financial calamity. He noted that the incorporation might have suppressed long term business viability on the part of some firms.

Not all residents of the local area opposed the effort to incorporate. For instance, some asserted that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation effort in part because the creation of a new incorporated entity might have posed a barrier to development projects contemplated for some commercial real estate in the area. The ski resort presently plans to create a gondola to link the Alpine Meadows Ski areas with those in Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth: On Moving Forward

Andy Wirth, who appeared on Undercover Boss, indicated that he hoped the local community would soon address issues of importance to everyone, such as transportation. He has demonstrated a personal interest in the local area, contributing extensively to community service groups and environmental organizations.

His dedication to charitable and philanthropic efforts stems from deep personal commitment. At one time in his life, Andy Wirth sustained a sky diving accident that almost proved terminal. He rebounded and established the “Wounded Warrior Support” Ironman Team, a group that strives to honor Navy SEALs and raise money to assist the Navy SEAL Foundation. It contributes to many service people involved in elite military operations after their return to civilian life.

Inspiring Cohesiveness

Regardless of past difference, greater community cohesion appears likely in the future for the people residing near northern Lake Tahoe. Most of the source material for this article first appeared in the article “Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on divisive fight” in the online Reno Gazette Journal.

The Incorporation Threat Looming Over Lake Tahoe Has Finally Passed

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published an informative article highlighting the problems the Lake Tahoe community and tourism industry have been going through. Lake Tahoe has had nothing but bad luck for the last for years due to political, civic and weather problems. The weather has not been favorable to the area, and the area depends on snow and cold temps to extend the business season and attract tourists. The major problem affecting the area has been the political pressure to incorporate the area with powerful backers behind it. Many business owners have been on edge because of this threat looming over them for years now. In their eyes, incorporation of the area would greatly impact the political climate and change the civic landscape for the worse.

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe and its ski resorts, other businesses and residents have had a stroke of great luck on both fronts. It appears business is about to pick up in a big way for the area. The weather has finally been favorable after a long four years. There has been an early set of winter storm for the area, and cold temps have arrived early so the winter wonderland stays intact. The favorable weather has allowed the resorts to open up early, and the early opening of the resorts will result in an overall economic boom for the area because many business unrelated to tourism benefit off of the influx of tourists to the area. In addition to the favorable weather, the backers of the incorporation push have decided to pull out of the deal. This has helped everyone in the area sleep easier.

Andy Wirth has been especially vocal about how harmful incorporation would be to the area. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which means he is the owner of one of the biggest ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. He even stated in the publication how harmful the incorporation would be for the area. Andy Wirth loves Lake Tahoe and the community, and he devotes his life to helping it.

Not long ago, Andy Wirth almost lost his life in an accident. Since then, he has become even more active in the philanthropic community. He was already dedicated to improving the community’s environment, but now he also donates his time and money to wounded Navy Seals. Andy Wirth is a generous business man, and he loves to give back to his community.

Time To Gear Up For The Alpines

The winter season harbors a lot of activities to indulge in, especially alpine sports. This means big bucks for ski resorts as more people crowd into them just to get a piece of the action. However, much preparation is required for beginners, more so with the acquisition of gear, advanced bookings at the best ski resort and, of course, a few pointers from a professional trainer. For most snow lovers, it is all about the weather and location for a grand alpine experience.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is among the largest winter tourist destination, based in Olympic Valley, California. Part of its success is liable to the current president and CEO, Andrew Wirth. Dedication and hard work are just a few of Andrew’s qualities that bring success to the plate. Much of his work and experience have been acquired through his lengthy service to the mountain resort and hotel industry.

Andy Wirth has served for twenty-five years which makes him just the suited person for the job. After serving in different marketing and leadership positions in the Steamboat ski and resort, he was elected chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest, which had just acquired steamboat. He finally left Steamboat for Squaw Valley Resort to serve as the president and CEO.

Apart from management, much can be put into a resort to make each client’s stay memorable. Similarly, all ski lovers need to be amply prepared for all alpine sports. One is required to book lessons at a ski school, precisely for all beginners. With the help of a well-trained professional, it is easy to be equipped with the basics while the rest comes naturally. Dangerous accidents can happen in the snow, thus to avoid such catastrophes it is safer to have an idea of the sport you would love to indulge in.

The winter season coincides with the festive season. Such a time offers the market for the tourism agency as people crowd in top tourist destinations. Similarly, most ski resorts attract these tourists and. Therefore, advanced bookings are for all ski lovers. With the early booking, you avoid the hustle of queuing and for a riveting view of the alpine mountains.

The season brings along with it the gift of alpine sports including snowboarding and skiing, just to mention a few. However with the built anticipation of the season, there needs to be much thought and preparation for a grand alpine experience.

Atlanta Hawks’ Bruce Levenson Continues to Be An Inspirational Inhabitant of Planet Earth

Among many news items associated with Bruce Levenson on and the Atlanta Hawks is its new name. Once known as Atlanta Spirit LLC, the organization was composed of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. The name was officially changed in March 2014 after its former owners stepped aside following the 2007 death of Bud Seretean.

According to latest news reports, the sale was formally sanctioned by the NBA Board of Governors in 2015.

In USA’s financial realm, many experts speculated about how the Atlanta Hawks price tag would stand up to Milwaukee whose selling price was $550 million and the LA Clippers price tag of $2 billion. Needless to say, the Atlanta Hawks price tag was $850 million.

Ironically, one of the Hawks former owners, Ted Turner, is rumored to still maintain a connection through his son, Beau Turner, his son-in-law, J. Rutherford Seydel and Michael Gearson Sr., who functioned in several official capacities during Ted Turner’s period of ownership.

In the wake of current controversy, it should be noted that Bruce Levenson is deemed to be one of the USA’s most successful business people as well as being a highly-esteemed philanthropist and family-oriented human being.

Bruce Levenson recently hopped aboard the app bandwagon with Gas Buddy, an app that enables vehicle operators to find the best fuel prices wherever they may be driving.

Levenson recently participated in charity’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while stationed on a trampoline at an undisclosed Colorado location. This speaks well of Levenson’s endeavors to make the world a better place since the ice bucket challenge is a fundraiser effort to support medical research and patient care for those afflicted with amyotrophic lateral selerosis, better known a Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Rumor has it that an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is headed in the direction of the Atlanta Hawks cheerleader squad.

Would-be Ice Bucket Challengers can find a unique Halloween costume predicted to be a top-seller for 2015. This costume that includes a bucked of fake ice water reigning down over its wearer is available online at

In basketball news, this year’s Atlanta Hawks roster will include Jason Richardson, who brings 13-years of experience to the team along with Lamar Patterson who has undergone a new diet regime resulting in the loss of quite a few pounds. ESPN is predicting that the Atlanta Hawks will be among the top five, speculated to be number three, Eastern Coast Conference teams for the upcoming season.

Atlanta’s Phillips Arena continues to be the home base for the Hawks whose 2008 Game 6 drew a crowd of fans estimated to exceed 20,00 fans. Phillips Arena’s unique design includes two architectural features, one being that the roof supports spell ATLANTA and another view spells CNN.As a Champion of Planet Earth, Levenson continues to keep his finger on the U.S. Holocaust Museum situated on the Washington, D.C. National Mall in honot of his mother-in-law who was a holocaust survivor.

The Atlanta Hawks Have All The Pieces To Win It All

I’ve been a fan of the Atlanta Hawks for a long time. As a lifelong resident of the great city of Atlanta, I’ve always rooted intensely for my hometown Hawks to win. The Hawks have been members in good standing of the NBA since 1949, long before I was born. My dad and my grandad were big fans of the team and many of my happiest childhood memories involve the Hawks. During the many years I’ve been a fan of the team, the last few years have been some of the most exciting.

Bruce Levenson owned the team for over ten years, before selling earlier this year. His Atlanta Spirit LLC did a great job of building up a solid team nucleus that has a real chance at winning it all. Levenson built a solid front office which did a good of building on-court talent. That talent turned up big this past season. This has me thinking that a long-awaited championship may be at hand. Tony Ressler, who led a group that bought the team from Levenson for $850 million, seems committed to winning it all.

There’s a lot of excitement right now from fans about this franchise. The team won 17 straight games in January. That’s an unreal feat that shows what they’re capable of. They didn’t last long in the playoffs this year, but that will change with experience. The games were sold out for the end of the season and the playoffs. As a fan, I could feel a real sense of excitement that had swept over the fans. The team is really good and could just end up winning a championship in the very near future. Atlanta could use a basketball championship. The town has many hardcore NBA fans who have seen many solid teams, but not titles. It’s one thing to be patient, but it’s another to wait around for something that doesn’t seem ready to happen.

I know I’ll be loving this new season. My dad and grandad and I still go to all the games. My grandad is getting up there in years, but he is thinking title this year. He jokes that he’ll be able to die happy if that occurs! If they do win, I hope nothing that dramatic will happen to gramps, but I understand exactly how he feels. When you’ve been going to games for decades, you really want to see your favorite team win it all. I am firmly believing that this is the era where it happens. Levenson built a good team and it looks like Ressler will put the finishing touches on it. For all the amazing fans in the city of Atlanta, this year could be the culmination of many years of hoping and waiting. I can’t wait until the new season comes. Every year, I get antsy when the season grows nearer. I’ve just never been a big fan of football or baseball. Basketball is my game and the Atlanta Hawks are my team.

Matt Landis Is A Man On A Mission

It is not too often that you hear about someone in college who is making an impact both in their sport of choice and in the world around them at the same time. That is the case though when you are speaking of Matt Landis. 

Matt Landis lacrosse
Mr. Landis is a world class lacrosse player for the University of Notre Dame. As a defensive player you might not think that he would grab a lot of the spotlight. However, because of his abilities he has had more than would be expected. For one thing, he was recently honored with the Epoch and Lacrosse magazine player of the week award. This was his second time receiving that award. 

Based on his play on the field, he was named a first class All American player. This was something that he and six of his teammates would receive. Three of of those six including Landis were named to the first team, while others were simply All Americans. 

Even though Landis is best known for his moves on the lacrosse field, do not take away from the fact that he is also attending the school of business at Notre Dame. This of course is a top notch business school in the entire country and is something to be quite proud of. Landis appears to be setting himself up for a bright field on the field and off of it as well. Notre Dame is proud of the contributions that he has made to their program and to the extra attention he has brought to the school.

Tampa Bay Finding Life at End of Bench.

If you ask the casual hockey fan what the name of the team in Tampa Bay is they’d probably come back and say the ‘Rays’. If you ask them about Chicago, ‘Oh, Blackhawks for sure.’ That sort of disparity has set the tone for the NHL Finals, and so far it has been turned upside down on its head. The Tampa Bay Lightning have shown exceptional poise, coming back from two deficits to acquire wins, as they move two games away from winning the NHL Stanley Cup. A big part of their recent success has come from Cedric Paquette and the rest of the third line guys.

Cedric Paquette is a 21 year old Quebec native who is playing in only his second NHL season. If you told Paquette before the year that he would score a pair of goals, the winning ones in fact, during the Stanley Cup then he would have laughed. Or challenged you to a rematch to NHL 15, the video game. But that’s what Paquette has done. Despite only racking up 19 points during the ENTIRE 2015 season, Paquette has scored goals in backt o back games to help Tampa to 3-2 and 4-3 victories.

It has been this end of the bench, third line play that has doomed the Chicago Blackhawks. Fans like Keith Mann know that, while Tampa Bay has dug deep for every goal, the Blackhawks have merely hoped that their superstars can make the big move. It isn’t working, not so far anyway.

Chris Sale Dominates Astros

The Chicago White Sox have consistently shown themselves to be incapable of putting together prolonged win streaks. Coming into the 2015 – 2016 season we all expected the Chicago White Sox to be one of the most dominating teams in the American League. That just hasn’t been the case, sadly. Instead Chicago has gone on to become one of the hardest teams in all of baseball to watch. Sluggers haven’t been hitting. Ace pitchers haven’t been pitching. At least, not until last Monday against the top tier Houston Astros. On a rainy Monday night everything clicked and we saw Chris Sale come out and dominate, giving White Sox fans hope again.

On a rainy night when the baseball game was almost cancelled, star lefty Chris Sale managed to roll through 8 dominant innings en route to striking out 14 total batters. Fans at Amen Clinic ( know that the White Sox only managed to knock around four total hits, but they used them to great success as they racked up three total runs on offense. Melky Cabrera, the embattled center fielder, managed to break out of his slump to get the scoring started by singling in Adam Laroche.

For Sale this was another dominant outing and a true reminder of how good the former Cy Young winner is. Sale has struck out at least 12 batters in three straight games, continuing his ascent to the top of the rankings in baseball.