An Insight on Andrew Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski  

Mr. Andy since August 2, 2010, has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Mr. Andy since June 2009, also served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Mr. Andy co-founded Wounded Warrior Support in honor of the Navy Seals. The formation of Wounded Warrior Support was after he was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident.

Andy is responsible for all marketing and sales issues related to the company. Since June 1, 2006, Mr. Andy has served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing officer to Steamboat of Intrawest ULC. He has 24 years worth of experience in sales and marketing.

Andy Wirth was appointed to serve as the Chairman and President of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation(RASC). RASC responsibility is to promote air services into Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Also, it is charged with identifying emerging prospects for additional flights.

RASC was formed in 2001 with an aim to bring together public and private organizations to contribute towards marketing the region and creating both local and international markets. Reno-Tahoe International Airport relies on RASC to provide additional incentives to maintaining and growing air services and its promotion in general.

About Squaw Valley Ski

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort located in the US is one of the largest Ski areas around. It falls second after Heavenly regarding size in Lake Tahoe. The area hosted the whole of 1960 winter Olympics. Squaw Valley in 2012 joined hands with Alpine Meadows. The union ensured that the area attracts an approximate of 600,000 skiers annually.

The area hosts several annual summer events. During the month of July, the resort hosts established yoga teachers and famous musical performers. During summer, the resort also hosts various events such as concerts, beer, and wine events.


Andy Wirth, as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has worked without seizing to seeing the success of the company. His aim is to put the company on top of the list of the best tourist destinations. Andy Wirth also contributes towards bettering the environment through active environmental and community service organizations.

Squaw-Alpine Boss Looks Forward to Turning Page after Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight

The north shore communities based in Lake Tahoe have had a rough past years when an epic drought struck thereby affecting the winter resorts as well as the small businesses they usually depend on. Apart from this natural challenge, the communities were also faced with a political challenge over the incorporation battle of the picturesque Olympic Valley that is home to the Squaw Valley Resort and most of North America’s winter sports terrain that is most iconic. As far as these challenges are concerned, there seems to be relief on both fronts. This will be good news for the President and CEO Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth.

Mother nature offered relief with storms that together with cold temperatures assisted the Squaw Valley resort and other resorts in the area to open earlier by several weeks than they have been opening in the last decade. The people behind the incorporation effort, that Wirth considered to be a threat to the civic climate and business in the area, formally withdrew their efforts of incorporate Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had spent a lot of money to oppose the incorporation effort as the CEO observed that it would have led to higher taxes and decreased service levels to the people like snow plowing and road maintenance. Wirth also added that the incorporation would have isolated the Olympic Valley from the rest of the north shore communities that usually pool their resources and deal with the issues in the region. Click here to read more on this article that was published on Reno-Gazette Journal.

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About Andy Wirth
Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts based in Lake Tahoe. His stint as the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has seen him working tirelessly to catapult the ski area to be among the top world tourist destinations. He is also a major contributor to the environmental and also the community service organizations based in Lake Tahoe area. He does all this in order to improve the area and make it great for all the people in the area regardless of their ages. Andy attended the Colorado State University and the Edinburgh University. Andy was appointed as the new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and took his seat on July 9 2015.

Wirth was involved in a skydiving accident that was near-fatal and that led him to co-founding an Ironman team dubbed “Wounded Warrior Support”. In order to honor the fine men who are members of the Navy SEALs, this team raises funds to assist the NAVY SEAL Foundation. This top quality organization aims to support the team members of the special operations together with their families upon their return home.

Efforts to Incorporate Olympic Valley Suspended As New Season Begins

An Invigorating Season

Andy Wirth, the Chief Executive Officer of scenic Squaw Valley Ski, this year contemplates an exciting time at the lovely California ski resort near Lake Tahoe. Long a magnet for lovers of outdoor sports, the communities along the northern banks of Lake Tahoe recently celebrated the return to an early winter ski season, following four difficult years of droughts.

The renewal of ski slope activity recently accompanied the end of another potentially difficult time in the lives of many residents of this beautiful area. Blessed with outstanding scenery, some residents considered the efforts to incorporate the Olympic Valley very divisive. They feared the movement would jeopardize local business and community ventures in the region. The group endeavoring to incorporate the valley reportedly officially withdrew from that undertaking just recently.

Opposing Incorporation

Many of the local communities clustered along the California side of northern Lake Tahoe share extensive resources with one another. Some local people had expressed concern that efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley might imperil that high level of responsiveness. Andy Wirth had termed the effort a “recipe” for financial calamity. He noted that the incorporation might have suppressed long term business viability on the part of some firms.

Not all residents of the local area opposed the effort to incorporate. For instance, some asserted that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation effort in part because the creation of a new incorporated entity might have posed a barrier to development projects contemplated for some commercial real estate in the area. The ski resort presently plans to create a gondola to link the Alpine Meadows Ski areas with those in Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth: On Moving Forward

Andy Wirth, who appeared on Undercover Boss, indicated that he hoped the local community would soon address issues of importance to everyone, such as transportation. He has demonstrated a personal interest in the local area, contributing extensively to community service groups and environmental organizations.

His dedication to charitable and philanthropic efforts stems from deep personal commitment. At one time in his life, Andy Wirth sustained a sky diving accident that almost proved terminal. He rebounded and established the “Wounded Warrior Support” Ironman Team, a group that strives to honor Navy SEALs and raise money to assist the Navy SEAL Foundation. It contributes to many service people involved in elite military operations after their return to civilian life.

Inspiring Cohesiveness

Regardless of past difference, greater community cohesion appears likely in the future for the people residing near northern Lake Tahoe. Most of the source material for this article first appeared in the article “Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on divisive fight” in the online Reno Gazette Journal.

Time To Gear Up For The Alpines

The winter season harbors a lot of activities to indulge in, especially alpine sports. This means big bucks for ski resorts as more people crowd into them just to get a piece of the action. However, much preparation is required for beginners, more so with the acquisition of gear, advanced bookings at the best ski resort and, of course, a few pointers from a professional trainer. For most snow lovers, it is all about the weather and location for a grand alpine experience.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is among the largest winter tourist destination, based in Olympic Valley, California. Part of its success is liable to the current president and CEO, Andrew Wirth. Dedication and hard work are just a few of Andrew’s qualities that bring success to the plate. Much of his work and experience have been acquired through his lengthy service to the mountain resort and hotel industry.

Andy Wirth has served for twenty-five years which makes him just the suited person for the job. After serving in different marketing and leadership positions in the Steamboat ski and resort, he was elected chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest, which had just acquired steamboat. He finally left Steamboat for Squaw Valley Resort to serve as the president and CEO.

Apart from management, much can be put into a resort to make each client’s stay memorable. Similarly, all ski lovers need to be amply prepared for all alpine sports. One is required to book lessons at a ski school, precisely for all beginners. With the help of a well-trained professional, it is easy to be equipped with the basics while the rest comes naturally. Dangerous accidents can happen in the snow, thus to avoid such catastrophes it is safer to have an idea of the sport you would love to indulge in.

The winter season coincides with the festive season. Such a time offers the market for the tourism agency as people crowd in top tourist destinations. Similarly, most ski resorts attract these tourists and. Therefore, advanced bookings are for all ski lovers. With the early booking, you avoid the hustle of queuing and for a riveting view of the alpine mountains.

The season brings along with it the gift of alpine sports including snowboarding and skiing, just to mention a few. However with the built anticipation of the season, there needs to be much thought and preparation for a grand alpine experience.

Ski Slang: Don’t get your Yard Sale confused with your Champagne

With all sports their is slang that can confuse the average person not apart of the sport. With ski slang their can be definite confusion because they slang usage is everyday terms. The article from Powder Mag titled “Powder 8s: Ski Slang with Double Meanings” divulges into some of the most popular slang you can find on the slopes. From descriptions of the type of snow on the slope i.e. chowder or that one skier that shows off a bit too much, a hot dog. While the top eight words are posted for your viewing pleasure it is noted that skiers have their own culture and language that is distinctive and goes beyond these terms.
While ski culture is exclusive and sacred, CEO of Squaw Valley, a ski resort company, Andy Wirth’s mission is to expand this familial culture for more to enjoy. Andy Wirth has been apart of the ski resort business for over 20 years and has always enjoyed the connection between his guests and the slopes. Recently this connection has expanded into the merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort with the goal of allowing visitors to have the option of going between resorts without any additional cost. With this merger continues Wirth’s goal of creating a community environment around the Squaw Valley Ski Resort as the go to destination for a vacation.