AnastaisaDate – Where Western Men Meet Russian Women

There appears to be a strong attraction to Russian women by a large number of North American men. Be it the plethora of leggy, blonde tennis professionals, or their gorgeous Olympic gymnasts and track stars, Russia seems to always have an abundant supply of beautiful female athletes and fashion models who capture the hearts and minds of men from across the Atlantic.
Many lonely or dissatisfied western men are drawn to travel companies or online websites that specialize in connecting them with Russian women. These matchmaking companies live and grow through their images as reputable services.
AnastasiaDate is one of these Russian dating services that has generated a good reputation for honesty and productive results. It was founded in 1993 by an American man and his Russian wife. They had met through an introduction company’s catalog, married, and then decided there was a better way to connect western men and Russian women. In 1997, the couple launched their first dating website in Russia. By 2003, had expanded globally.
After being sold to a private investor in 2011, AnastasiaDate hired an international dating consultant named Mark Brooks to further improve the Russian online dating scene as a whole. Currently, AnastasiaDate operates out of offices located in Moscow and Bangor, Maine.
Russia and other Eastern European countries encourage and profit from the online dating industry. Between airline tickets, hotels, meals, cab fares, gifts for the ladies and hired interpreters, each male client from the west spends many thousands of dollars in pursuing the woman of their dreams. For these countries, whose low GNP hovers around $7,000 per citizen, western men on dating excursions are an important part of the economy.
All too common in the past, the motto for dating companies was, “the perfect bride is the one who never goes to the marriage altar.” In other words, there was money to be made stringing a love-sick suitor along until his money ran out and the prospective bride dumped him.
For the most part, the rise of social media has eliminated that practice. Instant negative feedback and bad critiques through social media giants like Facebook can damage if not destroy a Russian dating service who still plays those hurtful games.
Western men looking for romance and the girl of their dreams in the far reaches of Eastern Europe appears to be an on-going trend not to end any time soon. May happy matches have been made over the years, and may happy family-units have sprung up and endured because of the practice. As in any male-female relationship, a word of caution is the better part of valor. Take your time and get to know the other person before you follow your heart all the way to Russia and back.