New York’s Luxury Housing Sees Record Highs

Real estate in Manhattan is experiencing a sudden boom and with one in five houses in the borough qualifying as luxury, it is attracting home buyers of NYC apartments for sale both locally and worldwide. Both rental prices and retail prices reached a record high this year, and StreetEasy is projecting that they will continue to climb for some time as over-crowding is affecting other, traditionally sought after boroughs. There was a small dip in prices during the third quarter of 2015, however Town Residential brokerage firm believes that the slight fall in prices is temporary and will help sustain the current growth.

Town Residential is a leading real estate firm for luxury apartments and homes in New York. The firm specializes in residential listings and focuses on marketing, leasing and sales of development properties. Town Residential has nine offices located throughout the city in charismatic, progressively changing neighborhoods.

Town Residential has also earned awards for being the Best Firm to Work For, and is listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places To Work in New York City. This has allowed them to attract the industry leaders and put together a fantastic team of experts who provide an unparalleled quality of service to their clients.

Manhattan resale prices as well as the Brooklyn price index saw rises this year as well, both reaching historic highs. The Aggregate report finds that the New York luxury real estate market is as healthy as ever and that the stock market drops will have little effect in the long term on high end real estate in New York.

Get The Best Possible Price For Your House From Greg Hague’s The 990 Company

Putting a house on the market is often a decision that is not made lightly. Anyone who puts their residence up for sale must often take many steps in advance to help prepare the house for viewing by others who may wish to buy it. In many instances, a seller must make all kinds of decisions about the house even before someone sets foot inside. Such decisions include thinking about the kind of repairs that may be necessary to make in order for the house to be in good shape and attractive to a potential home buyer.

One of the most important of all decisions that many sellers make is the price they wish to ask for the house. Deciding how much to price the house for can be crucial. A properly priced house will sell quickly through 990 sells homes while a house that is not quite as well priced may sit on the market for a long time. Many people are not sure how to price a house. This is why they turn to experts such as those at The 990 Company. The 990 was founded by Gregory D. Hague, a real estate professional with years of experience in this field. Hague is native of the state of Ohio where he and his family were actively involved in the real estate field for many decades. After leaving this region, he has gone on to start his own real estate business.

Doing so has helped him better serve his customers. Those who consult with The 990 Company will find that doing so allows them access to important information about market conditions that may influence the sale of their house. Hague has a college degree from Miami University and a law degree from American University Washington College of Law. For many years, he has combined his love of business with his understanding of real estate and law in order to help his clients. Under his supervision, The 990 Company has grown to offices staffed with equally skilled professionals who have done much to help their clients decide how best to prepare and sell their properties to the general public.

Any given professional at The 990 Company will be able to help a homeowner figure out how best to price their house in order to get their aims. A homeowner may want to sell the house as quickly as possible. In that case, a house priced at the lower end of the price range can make sense for them. Another person may wish to have their house sold at the highest possible price. In that case, it often makes sense for them to listen to advice from The 990 Company about how to do so.