Darius Fisher Growing His Business

Every business owner dreams of growing his or her business. It is often a slow process and most companies do not draw even for the first several years. However, with that being said, as long as the business is moving in a positive direction, there is always the dream and desire to continue to expand. Darius Fisher, when he started Status Labs, had this very same dream. He saw the need of individuals with all of the social media interaction to have someone who could properly represent them and to assist in times of crisis. Online reputation management became more and more a need with every single passing day and with every single growing social media account. However, Darius Fisher never thought his company would take on so quickly. With the help of his services and his company, he has continued to expand and to reach customers not only in the United States, but around the world.

Darius Fisher started just a few short years ago, helping both companies and individuals improve their online reputation. Now, with that being said, it has grown drastically in only a few short years. At the beginning of 2015, the company had 25 employees working for the company. Now, just one year later, the company now has over 35 employees. These employees work with over 1,000 clients in 30 different countries. This representation makes it one of the largest Internet reputation firms in the world. The fact the company has grown by over 50 percent in recent years just shows how productive the company can be and how important it is for businesses around the world to use this kind of service. Darius Fisher and Status Labs has worked with major airline companies, corporations, food companies and even the People’s Republic of China. With this kind of experience, the company knows what it is able to do and how it is able to put the best foot forward for business, individuals and even nations.

Status Labs is just starting off and it is doing everything in its power to help those around it. Visit Darius’ personal website to see more of what he’s up to.

Helping With One or More Bad Days

Everyone experiences a bad day here and there. Some bad days are surely worse than others. Sometimes, events play out in such a way that one bad day can really cause incredibly chaos in a person’s life. Life works out that way in certain scenarios. Questions do arise if it is fair that one bad day is capable of doing a lot of damage to a person’s life.

Melissa Click’s supporters are probably asking questions about the fairness of one bad day’s impact.

Melissa Click was an assistant professor with the University of Missouri. Click was involved in an incident with student journalists at a protest rally. The incident was caught on camera, and Click was charged with a misdemeanor when the proverbial dust settled. She was eventually suspended. A USA Today article covers the very early fallout from the incident. After the article was published, Click was fired from her job at the university.

Again, the incident was caught on video. The video was released to the media, and a lot of controversy emerged. One bad day turned into several troubling days as the video constantly aired on news reports.

Click has hired Status Labs of Austin, TX to provide some help. Status Labs is a reputation management firm run by president Darius Fisher. The company utilizes unique SEO, public relations, and digital marketing tactics to help navigate reputation crisis situations.

Status Labs has helped scores of different clients address reputation concerns. The sheer number of clients is amazing. 1,500 clients have called on Status Labs for help. The public relations company has provided assistance to those clients, clients who live in around 35 countries.

One bad day can cause a lot of problems. Those dealing with such a scenario should not become too despondent. There are people out there willing to help.

Darius Fisher of Status Labs Recognized as a Top 50 Tech Innovator

The Innovation 50 recognizes top tech PR and digital communications individuals and firms that are re-shaping the public relations sector through innovative social media and in-house PR agency practices with the use of today’s technology. And without surprise, Darius Fisher, President and co-founder of Status Labs has made that list. Status Labs is an online reputation and PR management firm that aggressively goes after negative on-line information and wipe it clean. They are also experts at using multiple avenues to give a fresh look to any company or public figure that has been tarnished by bad reviews, negative publicity, inappropriate images, or in the case of the average Joe – personal data floating in digital space that may be a source for identity theft.

Status Lab’s expertise in offering their clients effective digital marketing and PR strategies that result in increased sales has likewise grow their business to over 30 employees handling more than 1,500 clients in thirty-five countries. Sometimes referred to as “The Fixer”, Mr. Fisher has offered advice to executives that may not view the importance of navigating the digital world, both personally and professionally, with a proactive view. Many of Darius Fisher’s clients, in hindsight, could have avoided many of the problems that come up when they don’t audit and monitor their web presence, and more importantly set up a strategic digital framework that protects and boosts their business efforts.

For instance, Mr. Fisher gives the example of an executive who goes through a messy divorce. The bad press of the divorce fills the void that is present because of his lack of a positive digital presence. What ways could this businessman have proactively established a positive online profile that ranks high on Google search and would have negated the messy divorce press? Well, Status Labs can make sure a dynamic personal website, press releases about professional achievements and content-rich social media profiles would all work together to maintain a positive on-line presence.

Recently, Darius Fisher spoke at Impact15 – the online marketing industry’s convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Fisher shared SEO, public relations and content development best practices. He also shared how to us an online reputation management service before, during and after a crisis. Information such as this, in a world where your online reviews and social media comments can drive sales up or down in a short period of time, can be of extreme value in increasing your sales revenue in the new year.