Venezuelan President Throws The Press Out Of The Country Right Before The Big Protest According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

It’s show time in Venezuela, and President Nicolas Maduro doesn’t want the world to see it. That’s the way Maduro rolls. It’s him against the world, and right now Maduro is winning. But if people like José Manuel González have their say, Maduro is going to find himself out of a job in the very near future. José Manuel González is a Deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico. He is a strong advocate of domestic food production, and getting the farms back in the hands of the people once again. González has been lobbying in the National Assembly to change some of the policies that the Maduro government has put in place, but Maduro has been strong enough to oppose those referendums. Maduro continues to bulldoze his way through the National Assembly, and while he does, the people are starving.

Manuel has documented proof that the Maduro government is using Chavez policies to destroy the country. There is very little food available, no medical supplies, and electrical blackouts happen every day. Nicolas Maduro has turned into a dictator without a plan, and he has recently told the international press that they must leave the country, according to González. González said Maduro doesn’t want the upcoming protest to be seen around the world. The press is his enemy because more than one million people will participate in the rally in Caracas, and in other cities around the country. González thinks millions more will join the rally to remove Maduro from office.

If the opposition succeeds in throwing Maduro back on the street, it will be the first time since 1999 that Venezuela is not under the control of Chavismo policies. The inflation rate in Venezuela is now more than 800 percent, and González thinks it will break 1,000 percent before the end of the year. The protest is designed to be peaceful, and follow the constitution, but González thinks President Maduro has other plans. The military is on standby, and there a is good chance violence will be used to control the protesters.