End Citizens United Moves Ahead On Its Chosen Path

End Citizens United is a political action committee. It wants to campaign finance reform. In order to do so, it will be funneling millions of dollars to the Democratic candidates who are running in competitive Senate races all across the country.

End Citizens United has already managed to raise over $4 million. This has mainly come from small donors. It is going to raise $25 million to $30 million.

All these efforts are being made to make the Congress pass the constitutional amendment that will be able to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United. That was made in 2010 and led to super PACs and a lot of dark money entering into politics.

End Citizens United has managed to collect 325,000 signs on its petition that is demanding that Congress must pass such legislation. It even partnered with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign in order to enhance its impact and reach.

Now, 11 Democratic candidates are going to be endorsed by End Citizens United. This is not the only PAC that is focusing on campaign finance reform. But End Citizens United is different as it is addressing its political side. They are trying to get those people elected who can change these existing laws. Hence End Citizens United is backing those candidates who would favor campaign finance reform. They would be able to take a stand against Citizens United.

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End Citizens United will be enacting campaign finance reforms even on the local as well as state level. The campaign finance experts are a bit skeptical about it. This is because a constitutional amendment has to get consent from two-thirds of the Senate. It needs to get ratified by as much as three-fourths of states too.

Hence a constitutional amendment is definitely not easy here. Also, since 1992, no Constitutional amendment has been passed in America. Rick Hasen is an expert in campaign finance regulation. He says that even if the group is able to raise $100 million, the chances to get a constitutional amendment will still be a dream. The only way to get the law changed is by getting a new Supreme Court justice who would be able to shift the balance of this court.

Still, groups such as End Citizens United are helpful as they create public awareness of this decision by the Supreme Court. It keeps on the political pressure on the Supreme Court and on the other political actors too so that things do not get worse.

End Citizens United is not backing Republicans as they are standing in the way of overturning this decision by the Supreme Court. Hence this PAC is going to support those candidates who will champion for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United Advice To Democrats Heading Into The Midterm Elections

End Citizens United is an aggressive campaign finance movement that seeks to wrestle unchecked influence away from moneyed lobbyists who’ve taken over Washington. ECU started its activities in 2010 when the U.S Supreme Court made a controversial historic ruling that effectively removed regulations to Super PACs operating in the nation.

Derailing Public Interests

ECU knows all too well the effects of a company or an individual funding the elected politicians. These donors later become beneficiaries of perks from the ruling governments. Many-a-time, these favors granted to the billionaire lobbyists come at the expense of the will of the many. That’s why End Citizens United embarked on a quest to fund prospective Democrats with funds that have zero strings attached, apart from advocating the real interests of the common citizens.

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Plans for the 2018 Midterms

Politico’s resident journalist, Maggie Severns, recently penned an article about the reformist campaigns by ECU. In the article, End Citizens United sends a strong message to all Democrats seeking elective posts in the forthcoming 2018 midterm US elections. ECU urges the party leaders to stay true to the campaign finance reform agenda. End Citizens United released comprehensive research findings via Politico. The studies by ECU are meant to serve as a campaigning guide to the Dems who have in recent years started falling out with their core voters. Democrats running for office in the 2018 midterm’s are encouraged to draft speeches that touch on pertinent aspects like removing the big money influence in Washington, health care, and jobs.

In the dossier, ECU cautioned the politicians against using mentioning End Citizens United in their forays for votes. Reason being that many Americans assume End Citizens to be an insurance company, as depicted by the TV ad’s sponsored by their critics.

About End Citizens United

Since launching in March 2015, the movement has made incredible strides on all fronts. One, they’ve managed to raise an estimated $35 million from over 2.5 million individual contributions from the masses. Two, Citizens United has around 360,000 donors and 3.3 million registered members in 2017.

Mission Objectives

Citizens United champions the agenda of undoing the rigged American political landscape. In a paradigm shift from the way things used to get done, this group has a cap limit on the amount a single political donor can give. That way, there’s no way an individual or a conglomerate can later arm-twist the authorities to doing their bidding. So far, ECU has played a crucial role in helping candidates who resonate with the core ideals it stands for. Additionally, the activists are renowned for mobilizing voters, especially the immigrants, to become more involved in the politics of their neighborhoods and states.

ECU’s board comprises of eminent personalities with a proven track record of reforms. These include Congressman Rob Barber, a one-time Congressman for Arizona’s 2nd District and Jessica Vanden Berg, who has a vast experience working with like-minded organizations like Free the Slaves and VoteVets.org.