Dr. Rod Rohrich in New York Times article

The New York Times had an article on July 6, 2016, about a new platform called Zwivel. It was written by Janet Morrissey The article also featured Dr. Rod Rohrich a prominent plastic surgeon in the Dallas, Texas area.

Zwivel is unique in that it matches plastic surgeons and patients prior to their ever meeting. Prospective patients can read physicians biographies, learn about their specialties, and ask specific questions as well as get price quotes. Starting with an on-line visit saves a great deal of time for the physician and the patient.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been voted best doctor in Dallas, Texas and has seen the benefits of using Zwivel. He states that the demand has increased 20-30% since 2008. While using Zwivel may not be for everyone, consider an especially complicated case and that individual may live thousands of miles away. An excellent way to start the conversation with Dr. Rohrich would be through Zwivel.

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The general public does not have realistic ideas about the cost of plastic surgery. By getting an initial quote on-line, it helps individuals understand if plastic surgery is within their budget.

Being able to acquire more information on-line in a question and answer format also helps patients make a well-informed decision about whether surgery is the right decision for them. If they choose to take the next step in an office visit, then they are much better prepared. If they choose not to have surgery, then it has saved time for both the patient and the surgeon.

Well known for his research and talents, Dr. Rohrich is well respected among both his peers and his patients.

Dr. Rohrich’s web-site if very comprehensive on utsouthwestern.edu. Including before and after photos of procedures he has completed. Most remarkable is a long list of the patient letters where people have written to thank him for his expertise, kindness, and compassion. You are able to hear in their own words how grateful they are and how much respect they have for Dr. Rohrich.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who has done research, has the respect of both his patients and peers and has been a leader in some very complicated cases, you will know you have found the right person with Dr. Rohrich. Committed to his patients, his profession and his career, you will not find anyone more qualified or compassionate physician than Dr. Rohrich.

The Best of the Best: Dr. Jennifer Walden among many others

With the increasing demands of plastic surgery flowing in, there are more and more doctors taking to the field of plastic surgery. The popularity has increased not only the number of people going into this medical field but it has also helped the consumer to get the best care possible. These doctors are better trained in every aspect of their work, meaning you will get better results as well as be better educated and informed throughout the entire process.

One award-winning surgeon, in particular, is Dr. Jennifer Walden who has been named as one of Texas Super Doctors. She specializes in natural beauty reconstruction and plastic surgery. As well as being an expert in her field, she is a published author and mother of two. Dr. Walden is one of the only women to ever serve on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden grew up in Austin, Texas before later moving to Manhattan, NY for her fellowship which eventually turned into her having her own practice in the city. She has since returned to Texas as a super star in plastic surgery. Visit her website for more information or to schedule appointments.

Among these award-winning doctors, we have chosen a few who have really stood out in the crowd and are becoming quite the talk in the upper echelons of society.


Dr. Aaron Rollins – Best known for his “48-hour six pack”
Dr. Lisa Cassileth – World famous for her One-Stage Breast Reconstruction


Dr. Constantino Mendieta – Specialty is butt augmentation such as Brazilian butt lift and implants.
Dr. Roger Khouri – Pioneer in microsurgery and flaps

New York:

Dr. Adam Kolker – Top NYC surgeon in breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and many others.
Dr. James Marotta – Voted Long Islands Best Cosmetic Surgeon of 2016.


Dr. Gregory Wiener – A pro in the field of natural looking breast and butt implants from fat transfers.


Dr. Leonard Miller – Founder of the Bosten Center for Facial Rejuventation


Dr. Anthony Youn – Nationally renowned plastic surgeon and author of “The Age Fix.”

New Jersey:

Dr. Barry Dibernardo – Leading the forefront in new technology with his product. Cellulaze.


Dr. David Bottger – Specializes in natural looking body enhancements.