Organo Gold: Leaders In Network Marketing and Global Success

Revolutionizing the beverage industry and becoming the leading company in global network marketing, Organo Gold is creating a legacy and rewriting the history books on what a successful network marketing company looks like.

Founded in 2008 in British Columbia by President and CEO, Bernardo Chua, Mr. Chua saw the potential in one product that is being consumed daily, on multiple occasions, by billions of people across the globe, that being coffee. Although coffee, one of the world’s most consumed beverages, and second to only tea and water, is a billion dollar industry, Mr. Chua understood that in order for Organo Gold to be successful, their product would have to stand out and improve upon the average coffee beverage. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

As it would turn out, Mr. Chua came up with the brilliant idea of blending a special, organic ingredient known as “Ganoderma Lucidum”, or commonly referred to as “King of Herbs”, into coffee. Ganoderma is an ancient healing herb, dating back hundreds of years ago in China, as a prized medicine, reserved only for the king and the royal family. Organo Gold infuses Ganoderma into coffee without changing the look, aroma and taste. The healthy elements included in Ganoderma, possess natural energetic properties, along with naturally enhanced flavors, making coffee taste and feel even better than before.

Now the whole world agrees just how enjoyable and delicious Organo Gold coffee is, with over a million sales per day and 100’s of thousands of distributors and operations in over 50 countries worldwide. Along with coffee, Organo Gold has added more healthy beverages and products to their line, with teas, hot chocolate, mocha lattes, nutraceuticals, and personal care products that are available exclusively through their Organo Independent Distributors. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

The success of Organo Gold has always been rooted in their visionary and innovative approach. As a minority owned and operated business, Organo Gold leveraged the playing field in network marketing, by offering generous compensation packages for anyone looking to become a part of their success story, or just interested in earning extra income monthly. This business model strategy, no doubt, has set Organo Gold apart from their competitors, as they not only strive to provide premium products, but also to change the lives of people through business opportunity.

Even with their astounding success, championing as a billion dollar brand in a billion dollar industry, Organo Gold’s mission is not just to become the wealthiest company, but the most significant company in network marketing. Not only ethically and health conscious in all business matters, Organo Gold proudly sponsors the OG Cares Foundation; a non-profit organization that supports youth movements by providing them with programs and opportunities that will generate positive change for current and future generations.