Why Writing a Wikipedia Page By Yourself is Not a Good Idea

A Wikipedia page is a great way to learn information about a person, place, or thing. Because anyone is able to edit or create these pages some individual’s think that it would be a great idea to create a page about his or herself. If you are pondering about creating a Wikipedia page on the subject of yourself then think again. Your page could go against the policies and principles of the website while possibly damaging your reputation.

One of the main policies associated with writing an article on Wikipedia is to write from a neutral point of view (NPOV). If you are writing an article about yourself, then adhering to this policy may be impossible or very difficult. This is because when we talk or write about ourselves, we are prone to only providing the positive occurrences or happenings in our life. We fail to reveal the part that is not so positive, this type of writing causes us to be biased. Wikipedia also has a conflict of interest policy that prohibits the removal of negative material from any article written, this includes the ones written that we write about ourselves. In the event that you post an article about yourself on Wikipedia, that article cannot be recalled but it can be edited and seen by anyone. A person can easily edit your article to include not so positive details about your life. When this occurs you are not able to delete then information.

If you still are determined to pull a GetYourWiki and create a Wikipedia page on the site then you should listen up because there are some facts that you will need to be aware of.

In the event that you post an article about yourself on the site and someone posts negative information about you, there is no real way to defend yourself. There is not an option for you to post your side of the story or to retract the negative remarks. If the negative information was added to your page within the guideline of Wikipedia then defending yourself is almost next to impossible without verifiable sources.

If someone is searching for you on Google then it is more than likely that your Wikipedia page will be revealed, especially if your name is uncommon. Any negative information added to your page will be viewable by the searcher.

It is possible that the article about you will be duplicated by other sites. This cloning of your article can have consequences especially if negative information has been added to it. More people reading your article are able to see the negative information about you.

Instead of Arrest Cop Hands Out Job

Staten Island is a busy and bustling place. Plenty of laws are broken every day, and the police are overwhelmed by the sheer number of incidences that they must deal with. One officer decided that he would be the difference in one person’s life.

A man at the station on the Island was caught by an officer jumping the turnstile and not paying the fare for his ride. When approached by the officer the man went into detail as to why he committed the offense. The story must have hit home with the officer, for what he did next was truly remarkable.  Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio, couldn’t believe it one bit.

Instead of arresting the man or even issuing him a citation, the officer instead responded to the man’s needs. You see, this individual was out of work and was trying to get home when he was caught.

The officer called a friend, who was a business owner, and was able to secure for the man a full time job. Now the man does not need to jump turnstiles anymore, or worry about how to pay bills and survive.

What the officer did has garnered the attention of the entire city as well as many throughout the nation and world. Many are saying that this officer deserves a medal. When asked about how he feels about the incident, the officer does not feel that he did anything special or extraordinary. He knew two people, both with a need, and hooked them both up.</strong></strong>

A Kind Mailman

When a child wrote a letter to his dog that had passed away, there was no way that his parents thought he would actually receive a response. But he did. And from someone you wouldn’t expect.

When the three and a half year old was missing his dog he decided to write a letter to him. And then he received a response back from the mailman.
The mailman knew that the letter would be discarded at the post office, since it didn’t even have so much as a stamp on it, so he decided to respond to the letter himself. He wrote from the dogs perspective that he was in doggie Heaven, and that he was happy, and he gave the letter to the boy. Susan McGalla, who has worked with Wet Seal extensively, thought this was touching.
The young boy does not realize the significance of this kind deed yet, but he is sure to thank the mailman who went out of his way to do something so nice, one day. There should be more people like that mailman out there in this world. There should be more people who go out of their way to do something nice for the young and vulnerable.