2015 NBA Draft Top Three

The 2015 NBA draft takes place tonight Thursday June 25th in Brooklyn, N.Y. Coverage for the event will be on ESPN starting at 7 p.m. ET. Here is a quick look at the top players and which teams will be likely to pick them.

The first pick of the 2015 draft goes to Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wovles will most likely pick Karl-Anthony Towns with the number one overall pick though there is no guarantee. However Towns is considered by many to be the most talented player in the draft and certainly could use some talent. The T-wolves only won sixteen games last year and ended up dead least in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers hold the number two overall pick and are expected to pick Duke Blue Devils standout Jahlil Okafor. Brad Reifler pointed out to reuters that the Duke center had an amazing year last year and led the Blue Devils to a National Championship. The fit with the current team won’t actually be a good one but he is too good of a player for the Lakers to pass on. There is also the possibility that the Sacramento Kings will move up to the number two spot in a trade with the Lakers but once again it should be Okafor that’s picked in the number two spot.

Ohio State point guard D’Angelo Russell will probably go at the number three spot to the Philadelphia 76ers. Originally the Sixers have shown great interest in Kristaps Porzingis, but many believe it is simply a ploy and their true target is Russell. Check out the full results by watching it on ESPN tonight at 7 p.m.