The World’s Most Dangerous Man Is Back

Considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists in history and dubbed the World’s Most dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock talks about why he is still fighting at the age of 51 years old. Skamrock will enter the ring at Bellator 138 on June 19 to square off against Internet fighting sensation turned MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Shamrock, a UFC Hall of Famer, last fought in 2010 KOTC – Platinum and was knocked out in the opening minutes of the fight. So the question always come up and Shamrock is asked why he still does it.

Fans like Christian Broda ( know that Shamrock stated that no matter how he answers the question of why he still fights, the ones asking the question just won’t understand. He said that he has nothing to gain by entering the ring again and doesn’t expect to gain anything. Plain and simple, Shamrock loves what he does. He loves going to the ring to train. He loves going to the gym to spar. He enjoys planning and strategizing. He stated that he love what he does and he will continue to enjoy for as long as he can.

Shamrock is one of the pioneers of MMA and the UFC and currently holds a record of 28 and 15. He was also elected to the UFC Hall of Fame back in 2003. Kimbo Slice is rather new to MMA and has a record of 4 and 2 and is 41 years old. It is hard to say who will win this fight, but it may be one of the last times fans get to see either of these two men in the ring.