Los Angeles Looks to Gain All Three Teams

With all the talk of moving NFL teams from different cities into the Los Angeles market, we thought we could take a moment and just rationalize all that is happening with these moves and how it will affect the future of the league. Granted this may be a lot of speculation…but here goes nothing. First, the St. Louis Rams will be relocating back to LA and will be playing in the new stadium in Inglewood California as soon as the owner can surpass all the legal and league hurdles currently in the way. Now, that will leave good sports market and brand new NFL sized stadium wide open for the taking…but there is no one wanting to move there from their current spot.

As for the Chargers and Raiders…it is hard to think that these rivals could share a home but it is a real possibility with a joint home developing in Carson (just outside LA). Both teams have been threatening to leave their cities for years if they aren’t provided a new home stadium. That will leave Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis without teams…this is not likely going to be approved by the 24 owners that are needed. There is another solution…Add more teams and expand the league.

Thanks to Steve Murray for showing me this.