Find a London vacation rental with London Escape

LondonEscape is a part of the famous WorldEscape Group that now operates in more than 25 countries. LondonEscape is one of the leading booking agencies for London vacation rentals, catering to a wide range budgets and offering different kinds of accommodation from simple studios to even entire houses in top areas of London. LondonEscape is the first and also the last stop for any accommodation requirements and solutions in London.
The site offers information that is clear, a separate sections for each property that are easy to browse, photos and sometimes even videos of properties that we offer. Probably the best part of using LondonEscape is the fact that the staff is familiar with the properties listed on the site, as they personally visit them all. Because of this, they can always recommend the place that would best suit all your needs and requirements.
The apartments offered include the best locations such as Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, Earls Court, Soho, The West End, Covent Garden, Chelsea, London Bridge, Camden Town, Westminster, Leicester Square and many more. This collection of apartments in London caters for all budgets and sizes. They offer apartments for customers looking for the budget accommodation, and all the way to the highest range luxury vacation apartments. The short term apartment solutions are located all across London even in the parts of town where there are no hotels due to their size and the regulations for the protection of buildings of the historical importance, which is a great advantage. You could find yourself the accommodation even in the most surprising and interesting locations and in many famous London streets. Or, you can opt for a quiet stay in some of the many residentiary nooks and crannies.

Bed and Breakfasts:
B&B’s are presently making a huge comeback due to the high prices of hotel rooms, and due to offering a more homely and warm experience that hotel rooms usually lack, and the traditional English breakfast each morning, which makes your experience a nice and different. The list on the site includes only the best B&B’s in London.


If you look for the convenience that an apartment offers, but also the features of hotels the perfect in- between solutions are the “Aparthotels”. They are a hybrid of apartments and hotels, most of the time a block of apartments with a 24hr desk reception.
LondonEscape has the goal to make your stay unforgettable and to provide you with your dream London vacation rentals.