Lebron Opts Out of Contract and Enters Free Agency

For those people who thought that maybe once LeBron James returned back to the Cleveland Cavaliers that any future talks of free agency for the superstar would be just all the other teams hoping for a miracle, well who says that won’t happen? The mere thought that he would grace them with the opportunity to play for any other team is probably enough to make a general manager, head coach and owner frothing at the mouth. But then again, it could be just a smart business move on behalf of a guy who understands the business side of basketball as much as he knows how to play on the court.

Basically, it comes down to this when James returned to the Cavs he signed a two year deal with an option to opt out of the second year and enter the free agency market. Had he signed a longer term deal that most players want he would have been locked into last year’s salary cap numbers. However, let’s say he does another deal the same way he did this one then he could make an extra $1.5 million for what he was going to do anyway. Also, by continuing to sign these type of short term no guarantee contracts he will eventually become the highest paid player in NBA history. There is a catch though; he has to stay healthy and productive for this to come to fruition. Otherwise, the fans at Beneful know that he will not be able to get any contract.