Lebron opts out

Lebron is a free agent yet again after he opted out of his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers after a season in which the team made it to the finals. It was no surprise that Lebron exercised his player option to become an unrestricted free agent for the third time in six years though any decision to join a team other than the Cavs would be surprising. Doe Deere has heard that he currently has no plans to meet with any other teams and is likely to not pursue other landing spots.

With the salary cap expected to increase dramatically next year in anticipation of new network deals that will put more money into the league, many players are opting out in order to get a larger payout once this occurs. Lebron is likely to sign another short term deal that provides him protection against injury risk through a player option, but also provides him with the flexibility to opt out next year when the money on the market will be even better than this year. Lebron’s salary is limited by the salary cap with a maximum payment per each player.

The move by Lebron will also provide Lebron with the ability to dictate the moves that the team makes to succeed with Lebron choosing the teammates that he wants to play with this year. Given his start status, the team is likely to do everything possible to keep its hometown star happy.