Labaton Sucharow assists its Client in getting a $17 Million Reward from the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow law firm is a leading provider of whistleblower representation services. The legal solutions of the company are dedicated to advocating for the rights of people who provide the Securities and Exchange Commission with useful information about lawbreaking enterprises in the financial sector. The company stated that the SEC had offered a $17 million reward to one of its clients who exposed various illegal activities in the industry. The reward that the whistleblower received was the second highest that has ever been offered by the SEC since the establishing of the whistleblower protection laws in 2010. According to the regulation of the program, 10 to 30 percent of the sanctions that the Commission collects from the law breakers is shared with the whistleblowers as a way of appreciating their efforts.

The Labaton Sucharow client had offered intelligence that was vital in unveiling the wrongdoing of one of the top businesses in the financial sector. The informant used the representation of the law firm as a means of reaching the Securities and Exchange Commission without revealing his or her identity. Staying anonymous assists in evading the vengeance from the lawbreakers and other employees. Labaton Sucharow’s representation to the whistleblowers is under the guidance of Jordan A. Thomas who is a top attorney at the law firm. He is highly knowledgeable about securities legislation and was a primary participant in the creating of the whistleblower protection program. Some of the cases that he has represented whistleblowers include an instance where the employer retaliated to the informant, and the SEC offered the first worker of a public company a monetary incentive.

The SEC motivates citizens of the United States and foreigners to report businesses that do not operate by the federal securities laws. Foreigners who cannot communicate in English are given a free translator by the commission. The Congress has also been striving to ensure that the informants are awarded in time, and it has formed the Investor Protection Fund that has $400 million that can be used as a reward to them.

It has currently established an excellent platform for serving its clients. Labaton Sucharow offers exceptional legal representation to the litigant, and its services have been appreciated by The Legal 500, Benchmark Litigation and the Chambers and Partners.

Practicing Law in Brazil

Brazil is a Republic. It has a total of 26 states, and the federal district of Brasilia. The practice of law in Brazil has only been regulated by law for 22 years. The country does have a national bar association, and each jurisdiction has its own bar association. There was a law enacted in 1994, and this law, number 8906, provides that states are responsible for licensing attorneys in their territories. The federal districts were also conferred that same obligation through the enactment of this law.

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil requires having a law degree from an accredited university. Candidates must have also completed a 2 year internship at a legal practice that is registered. Beyond these requirements, the path to being able to practice law requires taking the state bar examination, and once that exam is passed, a candidate is now considered a lawyer, and is allowed to represent clients in that state.

Brazil does not allow foreign firms to practice law at all in this country. A number of foreign firms have established offices in Brazil, but they are still precluded from practicing law. They are able to practice law in cases where the entire focus is international or foreign law. There are a number of law firms that are authorized to practice law in Brazil, and those that also have comprehensive international law departments.

The law offices of Leite, Tosto e Barros have several different areas of expertise. The main areas of practice for this firm include dispute resolution, banking, civil and commercial law as well as corporate and international law, to name a few. Their international law department deals with bank regulations on foreign capital, imports and exports, business crime, transfer of technology, and international negotiations. Ricardo Tosto, one of the partners, is a prominent leader and legal strategist.

After working in a few different firms, Mr. Tosto established his own firm, which quickly became on of the largest, and most successful, in Brazil. He made his reputation by providing legal services to some of the largest corporations in Brazil, multinationals, politicians and in defending public personalities. He was also instrumental in adopting a number of legal mechanisms, and these subsequently became commonly used in Brazil. He also mentored a number of interns, some of whom went on to become partners in his practice.

Under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto, the firm is thriving. His practice area is litigation, and he specializes in banking operations, political law, debt and credit restructuring as well as commercial, civil and business law. The firm has won numerous awards, and has become a model for other firms. Today Leite, Tosto e Barros is the recommended firm for 2015 by Latin Lawyer 250. Having received his degree in Law at Mackenzie, Mr. Tosto has gone on to become recognized by Who’s Who Legal, nominating him one of the best commercial litigators in Brazil. He has also published several articles, has given numerous lectures, and is a consummate legal and political writer. Mr. Tosto has built an excellent reputation for himself, his firm, has enhanced the legal process in Brazil, and has established a stellar career.