Doe Deere Uses Color to Express Life

Doe Deere takes her makeup and fashion seriously. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she just created her own and her company is now well-known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers something never before seen in the makeup isles and is in high demand. It turns out that Deere wasn’t the only one looking for fun alternatives when it comes to makeup options.


Deere is known as the “unicorn queen” thanks, to her love of fun colors and outside-the-box palettes. Deere was never much for pale and bland nude hues but would much rather run with bright reds, oranges, and even greens. She recently branched out into the hair market and is always adding new and exciting makeup options to her already established collections.


Deere was not always set on becoming a successful makeup and fashion designer, but she has always followed her dreams and is passionate about what she does. She believes that that is very important to keep your own unique identity. She believes that you should do what makes you happy and to embrace your differences. She also believes that it is important to follow your passions.


Once Deere became successful in her company she did not hesitate to spread the love, and she supports many charities. Some of the charities that she supports include Girls Inc., Hola for kids, Adopt NY, and the Red Cross.


Deere has recently spoken at Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour as well as at PHAMExpo. Deere loves to share her secrets and to meet like-minded people. Deere has made it, and she feels as if she is really living the American dream. She followed her dreams and never looked back, and now she is the queen of her very own empire. Thanks to her drive and passion, there is now a way for countless fans to follow their dreams and to express themselves in the way that they truly want to with color, personality and, originality. Learn more:


Deere’s newest color scheme creations include shiny coppers, deep purples, and envious-causing greens. She definitely does not shy away when it comes to color, and she loves showing the world her true colors. Deere has always dreamed big, and it shows. She finds inspiration almost everywhere. She loves her fans and always has an open ear to what they have to say. She believes that it is always important to listen to your biggest fans and customers. They will tell you exactly what you need to hear and even the criticism can be useful and insightful.


Deere is a big fan of the author, Karl Lagerfeld, and she loves to read about the business strategies and personal lives of other entrepreneurs as well. The idea for the name Lime Crime came about as the result of playing with words and a little creativity. Deere thought that it would be a fun name and it stuck. Today, the name is associated with fun colors that will make any personality pop and fuse excitement into any day.