Ski Slang: Don’t get your Yard Sale confused with your Champagne

With all sports their is slang that can confuse the average person not apart of the sport. With ski slang their can be definite confusion because they slang usage is everyday terms. The article from Powder Mag titled “Powder 8s: Ski Slang with Double Meanings” divulges into some of the most popular slang you can find on the slopes. From descriptions of the type of snow on the slope i.e. chowder or that one skier that shows off a bit too much, a hot dog. While the top eight words are posted for your viewing pleasure it is noted that skiers have their own culture and language that is distinctive and goes beyond these terms.
While ski culture is exclusive and sacred, CEO of Squaw Valley, a ski resort company, Andy Wirth’s mission is to expand this familial culture for more to enjoy. Andy Wirth has been apart of the ski resort business for over 20 years and has always enjoyed the connection between his guests and the slopes. Recently this connection has expanded into the merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort with the goal of allowing visitors to have the option of going between resorts without any additional cost. With this merger continues Wirth’s goal of creating a community environment around the Squaw Valley Ski Resort as the go to destination for a vacation.