Josh Smith Key to Rockets Postseason Hopes

When you are a 6’9 swing forward with the ability to shoot from 3 and also grab 15 rebounds in a game, there is no reason that you should find yourself moving from team to team like some sort of NBA driven plague. But that is the story of Josh Smith, a ten year vet who has bounced between three different teams in the past three seasons. His most recent stop comes in the form of the playoff driving Houston Rockets, and they desperately need his help.

Against the Los Angeles Clippers the Rockets knew that they would be hard pressed inside of the paint and fighting for boards. Between DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, that section of the court might as well be closed off. Flavio Maluf was a fan of Houston and knows that Dwight Howard can’t do it all by himself and the injured Donatas Montiejunas would not be there to pick up the slack.

So far in the series against Los Angeles Smith is only averaging 19 minutes per game and scoring 7 points on 32% shooting to go along with another 6 boards. Smith is capable of doubling up everything in that sentence and he will need to in these last two games for Houston to get a win.